September 13: In class writing

Brief audio essay:

My story is about when I started school in a different country and I did not know how to communicate with the local citizens in my school. I felt helpless since no one was there to help me, instead, they teased me about the way I spoke and pronounced the words, also because they did not know about the type of food I was having, they used to think I was eating some weird stuff. When it came to homework, I had a hard time and needed to translate words one by one. As days went by, I got super tired and frustrated.

I developed this story by firstly, I mentioned I started school in another new country. Secondly, I expressed how helpless I was since no one was able to help. Instead of helping, they tended to tease me about the way I was saying it. Also, I had a difficult time when it came to writing, speaking and learning new languages.  I was feeling helpless and tired of these as days went by. Although people around me were judging about the way that I spoke and it was hard for me to complete my assignments, but I did not give up easily. I believe that I can do it. I started to write and read more. Write down words that I don’t know and find a way to remember it and also ask for teachers’ help.

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