November 15: In class writing

After reading Raha’s response, there are 3 points which I found intriguing to me:

  1. There is an increase in income inequality and a decline in social mobility. Obama Barack points out that problems such as health care, housing, education, and other financial problems have affected the lower-class citizens to achieve their American dream.
  2. Inequality of income and physical pain are closely related which is why there is an increase in painkiller consumption for the citizens. This is due to when people experience economic insecurity, they typically feel a loss of control. These feeling affects the individuals and can cause a lower pain threshold. Also, this causes them to feel pain more often than others that have no economic insecurity.
  3. Due to poverty, crime has slowly increased because many people could not afford to purchase any items and also many of them do not have their own house. There is also a separation between the rich people and the poor people in the 1880s. The poor ones live in tenements, whereas the wealthy people live in better condition and do not pay any attention or care to the poorer people


Essay 2 feedback:

From the comments given by Professor Tika, I understand that I have 2 issues in essay 2. First of all, some of the sentence structure is not correct and some of the APA references are not correctly cited. As a result, what I need to improve is my sentence structures using FANBOYS and also check what is the proper way of citing using APA format. In future writing, these issues can be avoided and have a better writing piece.

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