After I read the comments on my essay. I found that the format of my citation need to be improved. Sometimes it is difficult for me to write work cited page, I always spend lots of time on it. I need to practice more on the reference


November 1

After read Joanne’s response, I found the similar thing is that both of our grandparents are not having access to computers before. The housing, education and lifestyle. Also when my father was young, he do not have any technology around him.


Oct 30

In the response, the students mentioned that people live in the world need more communication and social skills, which means that foreign language and mathe is important, which has the same idea with me.


Oct 18 reflection on education

In China, college education is the most relax time for students. Most of the students attend to the college start to playing around and the college policy is easy for students to graduate. So that most of the students learn nothing during the college time. The reason that happens is because during the high school and middle school, students are too tired of study. They have to study very very hard everyday to get into the college. I prefer the American college, because college education is the most important education in our life. We should focus on the college learning. Because college can teach us more knowledge related to our major and future job.


Oct. 2nd class writing

I am going to talk about those problems that immigration children faced. First I’ll choose the reading from August 30. And oct. 3. They both talk about the problems that immigration children’s education.

Those problems can cause the unfair education environment for student.


September 27 in class writing

Scratch someone’s back. Which means help each other’s. It is fun because it use scratching back. Because only others can search your back for you. Which is a very good way to express help each other.

Going under the knife. Which means doing a surgery. When people are doing surgery they use knife, so that Going under the knife mean surgery.

Lose one’s Shirt. This idioms means that lost a great deal of money. In my opinion, is because people always put money or wallet in the shirt, when they lose the shirt means they lose money.

Eating someone. Eating someone means make someone become upset and sad. When people was eaten, they definitely will feel bad and sad.

Feeling like million dollars. Which mean feel wonderful. Million dollar makes people happy and it is wonderful to have it to everyone. So that feeling like million dollars means feel wonderful.



September 20th

In some ELL classes, the text sometimes describe people by using their skin color. For example “In this brief segment of classroom discourse, it is evident that Omar and Abdullah, two elementary-aged ELL students, noticed the author’s and illustrator’s use of color as an identity marker and had questions about the accuracy and purpose of these labels. All too often, opportunities to engage in conversations about race are missed or left to the periphery in classroom discourse, especially in elementary contexts.” (p.541). These text make students to think about race and now researchers are discussing about this situation happened in text book is good or not.


Roy, L. (2016). “So Whats the Difference?” Talking About Race With Refugee Children in the English Language Learner Classroom. TESOL Journal,8(3), 540-563. doi:10.1002/tesj.286


September 13

My story is about following events. I spend my first three years of my high school on America, which is fun and comfortable. But because of my grade and my argument with my father, I choose to give up my high school learning in America. After I return to China, I missed my friends and life in American high school, but it will never come back. The only way to go back is to work harder to get into a American university. This story of mine tells me that we can’t make decisions rapidly, we need to think first. And also tells me, I need to cherish what I have right now, do not throw it away easily, because after the I will be regret.


In class writing September 11

My idea of my audio essay is about my teenage experience. I’d like to talk about a story when I was in high school. I lose my chance to graduate in America. I just want to tell this story to others and tell them to learn how to cherish what you have. Do not throw it away easily, because after that you will regret.


Introduction: Do you have any thing you regret to lose?  When I was in the jounior year of my high school, I lose the chance to spend my senior year in America and my graduation in America. This is the most regrettable thing in my life from now on.

body: talk about what happened

I am still think about how to express my idea.



August 30th in class writing

After I compared the responding of Joanne Chen and mine. I found that Chen’s ideas are more detailed. She explained her opinion with her own experience when she first wen to Mexico as a foreigner. Also in the reflection of Chen, she add quotes from the article that we read. Based on the quote, she gives her own thoughts and explanations.

My opinions about racial problem that children of immigrants faced are basically same as Chen’s. In her response of “what are you” she talked about the everyone has their own culture, no one should be treat in the different way, because people are equal and unique. Which is the same idea that I have in my response.