• After reading the comments ,I know my problems are I need reading the assignment prompt carefully and I have many issues related to APA formatting,font size and use of sources that I need to improve in my writing.These are very basic things,so I need to do it perfectly,I can’t afford to lose a lot of points in this section and I also need to label references in my paper.


About the Major of Business Management

The business management major can help us to master all the skills that are related to humans in a business environment. It deals with individual behaviors in a workplace, such as emotions, cultural differences and communication, team spirit building, leadership development, and critical thinking skills, etc. It can also help us to understand many aspects of a business and how they are related or function in a business organization. As the Department Chair for management major in the University of San Francisco Linda Henderson describes, this major concentrates on the ways of the organizational behavior and enables the learners to get a sound understanding of how a company works and how they play their roles in a company (“New Management Major Building Bridges Through the Human Side of Business”). A study also shows that the professional skills people learned from this major enabled them to have better job and promotion opportunities in the business. No matter where the graduates worked, the business management skills could help them to advance further in their professional fields (Menez 18). Meantime, no matter what stages we are in our careers or what fields we are in, we can all benefit from learning in business management. The benefits can include below aspects.

1. When we are limited by our working experience or cannot go further in our career development path, the business management skills will help us to broaden our business vision and sphere, and get us to move further (“5 Reasons to Study Business Management”).

2. When we cannot catch up with the fast advancement of technology or adapt ourselves quickly to those changes in the business environment, we can find new directions in our career development from learning business management (“5 Reasons to Study Business Management”).

3. Learning the business management knowledge will help us to have a comprehensive understanding of how different sections of a company function together to achieve the utmost business performance, which is especially useful to those who want to start their own businesses or get a management position in a company (“5 Reasons to Study Business Management”).

4. Learning the business management knowledge will help us to have a systematic understanding of what we are currently doing in the business. Through learning the theoretical knowledge, like business strategies, concepts, or case studies of best practices, we can better understand how the business decisions are made (“5 Reasons to Study Business Management”).

5. Learning the business management knowledge will help us to build better interpersonal relationships in the business, with colleagues, customers, superiors or subordinates, etc. With the professional skills of business management, we will be more comfortable in communication or interaction with individuals from different cultural backgrounds or with different values. The meaningful interactions with our peers can make us grow, too (“5 Reasons to Study Business Management”).

Moreover, for this major, there are many valuable courses designed, and we can focus more on what we are not quite confident. The courses may include “Power and Influence, Difficult Conversations and Negotiations, Global and Virtual Project Teams, Personal Brand and Career Development, Managerial Decision Making,” and Emotional and Cultural Intelligence, etc. (“New Management Major Building Bridges Through the Human Side of Business”). For example, the course Emotional and Cultural Intelligence can help us to have a thorough understanding of our own perspectives towards world and people as well as our emotional intelligence and our different cultures (“New Management Major Building Bridges Through the Human Side of Business”). With these professional training on business management, we can better understand how we behave in the business workplaces. In an interview with one of senior management personnel in a world-famous company, he told that “the business management skills will be very helpful for you when you return to your home country to find a job after graduation from the university. Big trans-national corporations always prefer those talents who have a learning experience in business management and usually offer better positions and salaries to the graduates who possess professional business management knowledge.” Therefore, the business management major will benefit not only our current careers but also our future development.

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Despite the fact that undertaking multiple courses in college may be hectic,it is imperative to note that such a decision is an important one and plays an essential role in defining the influence one has in the job market.



The United States itself is an immigrant country, and there are still millions of immigrants who do not have legal status. For these illegal immigrants, each state has a corresponding policy.During this period, the rights of some illegal immigrants were also restricted. For those children, the author believes that their right to education should be guaranteed.Indeed, these children are innocent, and their education is good not only for themsnelves but for society as a whole. This is an unavoidable problem facing the United States as an immigrant country.These illegal immigrants cannot enjoy many social benefits and work hard for their lives. But their offspring can change their own destiny through education, and at the same time reduce many social instability factors. For the stability of society, the right to education for all, including the descendants of illegal immigrants, should be guaranteed.


2018.9.27 class writing

In my point of view,summary is the most important part of the essays.Even if the essay is well written, but the conclusion is casual and simple,this will lower the score for this essay.The beginning and the end are the concluding paragraphs,if even the main point is not clear,it’s not going to be attractive people.



The book describes how therapists combine multicultural theory with their own life experiences to engage clients meaningfully in cultural issues. Today, many mental health practitioners (MHPs) recognize and recognize the importance of cultural backgrounds – race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation – in their clients’ lives. But many MHP struggles to address cultural issues in practice, whether through unfamiliarity, fear of offending others, or cultural differences or similarities between clients and therapists, making it difficult to view clients objectively.”

In my opinion,because many mental health professionals combine theory with life experience to discover the importance of cultural context in their clients,and if there are cultural similarities or differences between the therapist and the client,there must be a degree of influence that allows the therapist to see the client objectively.


My story is about my experience of the debate in my high school.The school provides us with many opportunities to improve ourselves, such as debates .When I heard about the debate, I actually wanted to participate, but I always felt that I was not suitable for the debate, and I was afraid that I would not perform well.I told my friend about this trouble, he said a word that makes me filled with strength, that is, why do you care about other people’s opinions and you should do what you want to do. Everything is difficult at the beginning. I know that it will not be easy to take this step. But I convinced myself,this is the first step and I have to do.

It was really unforgettable experience because that make me less introverted ,gradually let me have confidenceand .And now,I can dare to face things that I haven’t tried.That was a big change in my life.


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