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9.27 Plagiarism Activities

Ming Fang,  Hao Wang


1) Y, it fully copy from the original article and doesn’t have quotes

2) Y, the format is wrong


4)Y, the format is wrong


6)Y, student need write the information of the resource


8)Y,  need write the information of the resource

9.27 Idioms writing

Go to the Dogs-Something is really bad

Jump Down Someone’s Throat-Getting angry and scold someone

Wet Blanket-Make someone cannot be happy

Going under the knife-Need have a surgery

Money talks-Money can make everything possible

9.25 Plagiarism Activity





1) N, because it is common sense

2) Y, because he should mention the name of the novel

3) N, because the teacher is agree with Sugi

4) Y, Because it comes from internet

5) N, because she writes in her own word



1) N, because you only use one resource

2) Y, because you need the source to support your information

3) N, because it is common knowledge

4) N, because it is a primary source

5) Y, because you reference from the book

6) Y, because you write some idea base on the article

9.20 APA Citation

Language is a powerful weapon in daily life, it can help people and also can hurt people. As Supardi (2016)’s idea, Language power in courtroom said that “Language can become a powerful tool for communication because of its power. With the power of language, people have performed various purposes, such as communicating their thoughts and ideas, sharing information, expressing their feelings, influencing others and building relationships” (p. 70). When you first meet a person, you always base on his or her speech to guess how the person is. Language is not the only main method in courtroom, in our life, you can live easier if you are very well at language.

9/13 in class writing

I still remember my childhood’s dream is to become a teacher in school to teach students. But I don’t have the chance in China, but when I come to America,  I become a teacher assistant, which is known as TA, in my high school Chinese class and after school. I help teacher grading homework and teach the class after I become a teacher assistant, it makes me feel that I am valuable and can help others. Why I have those thoughts? Because I’m very poor at English and shy in high school. When the teacher tells us to do something in class activity, I always slower than other students. After a long time, I feel I cannot do anything perfectly, this thought makes me timider than the beginning.

One day, I just know I need service hour to graduate, so I ask my classmate where can I get the service hour. Then they tell me I can be the TA in Chinese afterschool. Therefore, I become an assistant teacher. At first, I’m still don’t talk to other people, but some students begin to ask me questions in Chinese and I’m surprised I can answer them clearly in Chinse and English.

In order to make learning more effective, I begin using art to make the class more interesting. For example, I will draw a cat to show the student the word, so they can know what I was talking about. And I also be the friends with them so they can get to know me, and I can also be able to know them. They will feel more comfortable working with me which make learning more enjoyable. After I finish the class, I felt really happy and proud when the students were able to learn and improve

9/11 freewriting

When I was a child, I love to read different type of books and watch animes, such as novels, essays, poems, and stories. If I love that story or animes, I will begin to write my own “book”. I’ll imagine that I’m the part of the story and have some activities with the characters, or the story should go another way because there will be more interesting…..

Therefore I begin to write in all day. During the class, after finish homework, even before sleep. I find that before sleep is a very good way to clear up my ideas, because I only need lying in bed let my brain working. Also, it can make me sleep quickly. Then I wake up at tomorrow, I will go to school, take out my pen and notebook begin writing. The fastest story I write 3 notebooks in 1 week, and I feel so proud, I just like a professor writer. Even today I’m still going to read it, that is really fun.





Audio Essay

When I was a child, I love to read different type of books and watch animes. After I finish it, if I love this story, I’ll begin write my own “story” base on what I read.

9.4 class writing

The first important thing to create an audio essay is I need make an audio without any noise. A good audio essay is let the audience hear your voice clearly. Before you make an audio essay, you might want to write a draft first and share with your classmates to get the feedback. After you write your final version of the essay, you need practice for your essay. The beginning of your essay, you might want to write a summary of your topic and your opinion. Make some personal example to support your ideas.

I think the hardest part is taking the audio. Because if I feel nervous, I will say the word or sentence. Thereforerefor I need to re-take it.

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