I still remember my childhood’s dream is to become a teacher in school to teach students. But I don’t have the chance in China, but when I come to America,  I become a teacher assistant, which is known as TA, in my high school Chinese class and after school. I help teacher grading homework and teach the class after I become a teacher assistant, it makes me feel that I am valuable and can help others. Why I have those thoughts? Because I’m very poor at English and shy in high school. When the teacher tells us to do something in class activity, I always slower than other students. After a long time, I feel I cannot do anything perfectly, this thought makes me timider than the beginning.

One day, I just know I need service hour to graduate, so I ask my classmate where can I get the service hour. Then they tell me I can be the TA in Chinese afterschool. Therefore, I become an assistant teacher. At first, I’m still don’t talk to other people, but some students begin to ask me questions in Chinese and I’m surprised I can answer them clearly in Chinse and English.

In order to make learning more effective, I begin using art to make the class more interesting. For example, I will draw a cat to show the student the word, so they can know what I was talking about. And I also be the friends with them so they can get to know me, and I can also be able to know them. They will feel more comfortable working with me which make learning more enjoyable. After I finish the class, I felt really happy and proud when the students were able to learn and improve