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10/30 In class writing

Kexin, Shen

1. Find the major information (Business) in Google or USF website.

2. Introduce class need to take, and ask the teacher’s question.

– How do you feel to teaching this class?

– How do you think the business major?

3. Explain some common misconceptions in Business major.

4. Future plan.

-What is the employment rate in business major?

-How many wages they got.

-The population of business major


11.1 Pictures of USF, information about Business major

11.4 first draft

11.5 first video

11.6 final draft

11.7-11 interview

11.12 Final project

10/30 In class writing

1. In Hao Wang’s writing, we both agree that college helps us have basic knowledge in many areas.

2. Those knowledge is good for finding job or part-time job. (Junzheng Li)





Can be focus on the visual and aural layers.

Give the idea to audiences in image and video.

Need have the main idea, and use the media to support your idea.

Sometimes video can’t explain the emotions well, like the inner description. Therefore, you need the outside voice to explain, but too much outside voice will mess up the whole video.

Video can show the environment and expression well.


10/18 Reflections on Education

In China, the high school has big different than America, but college is kind of same. Base on my opinion, the major in China have divided into many parts, but the two main parts are literature and science. Literature is study about history, government, and economy. Science is study about math, chemistry, and physics. After attending the college, the student must pass the College English Test Band 4. If you’re not take or not pass this test, will have a hard time to find job.

The parents in China think that go to a college is the very important thing, sometimes even important than life. If their child can’t go to a good college, they will feel shame about their child. And some parents will tell their child which major should be taken, only because of that major is easy to find job or has a higher salary.

10/2 In class writing

DREAM Act was first introduced on Aug. 1, 2001. Even this act was not to pass, but still has many disputes until today. DREAM Act is focused on the student who born in America but has illegal immigrant parents and can’t get the higher education. This act will help those students get the legal document and go to college. In a Dream Act by Amber Floyd, it says, “It does serve to prove that those who do demonstrate determination, motivation, and initiative should not be denied access to higher education as a result of being labeled with the status of “undocumented.””(p 182). This reason is the main idea in the DREAM Act, the undocumented should not be an obstacle to the student who works hard. However, if the government take out the money to support those students, it might cause the economic problem. Also, it is hard to say the student has qualification to get higher education by looking her/his grade. I think this act need more restrictions to make the act perfactlly.

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