9/13 junzheng

  In my audio essay, it is about there are some changes about my feeling and my life from my birth to now.  I was a late speaker, I couldn’t speak until I was 4 years old. When I was a child, I was staying in my small town and I felt lonely because no one talks to me.Then mom took me to Beijing in order to find a good doctor to train me. I experienced  a lot of differences between Beijing and my hometown. I know there is something more you can explore in different places and I never feel lonely. Then I went to shanghai and received a more westernized culture and education. That alert me to study abroad and experienced more diversity of cultures and enlarge my view.

  The essay indicate my growth by stepping out and exploring more. And I want to tell audiences that there are something interest in the world that you want to see. So I went to USF and learn more cultures. It is better than just staying in one place.


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