peer response 2018/11/1

    I read Ayush’s comment. We both agree that the one child policy is very bad for the society in China. That is include both life inconvenience and aging population in the future. Also, In 1980s, living status in China is less developed. Pengfei’s family wealth condition is poor, but he study very very hard. He get excellent degree of both college and English or computer through his hard working. That’s we both agree.

      I have read Hao’s response. there are some similarities and differences about our opinion towards the readings. We both agree that debt of students during college period make it worthless about the cost of the college for most of student. This is  because it delays many important things. But we hold different opinion towards the statement that ” College is not only about learning your field of study and gaining detailed knowledge in that area, but also about making sure you have a basic knowledge in many areas.” He disagree with that statement. But I agree. I think the basic courses in college not only help you develop some profession skills, but also develop full directions of skill. It is very easy to deal with social issues and get more friends.

2018/10/23 Group Discussion Kexin, Faye, Junzheng

 3 features

  •  give audience better understanding of the idea through visual and audio
  • it have a particular theme
  • help them understand more about that major and familiarize with that by the online resources you provided for them

3 requirements

  • introducing about the major
  • give an audience an idea about that major, and give them idea whether the major fit them or not.
  • give the audience ideas about how to use resources to do a research

link  of sample essay:

In this video essay, she tells that her parent bought a canvas for her when she was 5 years old. She felt freedom of painting from her childhood. She can express all of her sense and  feeling through her painting. She said, “the most simplest things can built a beautiful things with the writers perspective.”That also inspire her creating her art works as well. This is an effective essay because:

  • a proper timeline she used in that video
  • the background music is appropriate for the theme
  • some close-up scenes she used when she talked about her experiences of creating the art works



10/23 response

  1. video essays can best convey our idea through image and sounds, which give audience more understanding of the idea I want to convey

2. in video essay, the image, sound and the script should be correspond each other.

3.we must plan a script before making video essay. But after making the video, the effect is different from the writing only.

reflection of education OCT18

   In China, education have more more problem than education system in US. The courses in my middle school are mainly Chinese, English, Math and Physics and Chemistry. Although there are some other assisted courses, they  are less important because only these courses can appear on the Zhongkao exam, which is the only exam to measure which kind of high school I can get. So all of the exams in junior are all serves for the final Zhongkao exam. So I had huge pressure on study. Almost 90 percents of  the courses have one answers. It gives families a lot of pressure to find education institutions in order to get a good grade on the exam. A lot of things we should recite, that is very boring, because it doesn’t offer chance for us to think critically. I even had no chance to do activities outside. There are a lot of problems in Chinese education system.

   But in America, the educational system is different. Every course in US in equally important. And it offers a lot of courses which have opportunities for us to think critically, to express our own idea. That is different from Chinese education. Even the school offer more activities for us to join. It can promote the development of all prospective, such as social, political and routine. So I like American education system more. 

  In the what to slave, is the forth of July  by Frederick Douglass, I feel so impressed that although the fourth of July is the national celebrate day, which are the freedom date for American citizen, it doesn’t apply on all of the people. There is a huge inequality between white people and black people. There are a lot of American slavery through after America independence.(Fredrick Douglass,1852). Fredrick(1852) said that “it is wrong to make men brutes, to rob them of their liberty, to work them without wages, to keep them ignorant of their relations to their fellow, to beat them with their sticks….”(209). Even now it is not unequal in the society. So I agree that the means of “fourth of July” is just for White people, but it is not for the black people.


 1. smelling a rat

  this is means convinced that something is definitely wrong . it has this meaning because I think rat symbolize messy sometimes. So it means the idea is wrong.


3.let cat out of the bed

4.get in someones’ hair



   I have read book (Pütz, M., Fishman, J. A., & Neff-van Aertselaer, J. (2006). ’Along the Routes to Power’ : Explorations of Empowerment Through Language. Berlin: De Gruyter Moutonthe). And I know that language represents the power of the groups. So the majority of language in the world represent their group power is stronger the  than the people who speak the minority of the language. “Linguistic Empowerment and Lan-guage Choices concentrates on theoretical issues pertaining to the relation-ship between language and power, linguistic empowerment and the verbal repertoire as an inventory of behaviors and language choices.” (Pütz, M., Fishman, J. A., & Neff-van Aertselaer, J. (2006).) So if your group really want to get more power of in the society, you should keep your language and prevent from forgetting your own language.



Pütz, M., Fishman, J. A., & Neff-van Aertselaer, J. (2006). ’Along the Routes to Power’ : Explorations of Empowerment Through Language. Berlin: De Gruyter Mouton.

9/13 junzheng

  In my audio essay, it is about there are some changes about my feeling and my life from my birth to now.  I was a late speaker, I couldn’t speak until I was 4 years old. When I was a child, I was staying in my small town and I felt lonely because no one talks to me.Then mom took me to Beijing in order to find a good doctor to train me. I experienced  a lot of differences between Beijing and my hometown. I know there is something more you can explore in different places and I never feel lonely. Then I went to shanghai and received a more westernized culture and education. That alert me to study abroad and experienced more diversity of cultures and enlarge my view.

  The essay indicate my growth by stepping out and exploring more. And I want to tell audiences that there are something interest in the world that you want to see. So I went to USF and learn more cultures. It is better than just staying in one place.

sep11, free writing

1.  I was born in small city in China. I was a late speaker. So my mother worry about me. She took me into Beijing, a large city, to find good doctor to train me.

2. This is my first time to step out from my small town. Beijing is kind of big city in the China. This is my first time to see the huge difference between Beijing and my small city. The tall building, wide highway, busy people and historical places of interests. I would never feel lonely anymore than when I was in my home town. there are a lot of deference between big and small cities.

3. Then I went to shanghai, I experienced a more westernized culture and received some international education in that city. So I attended to international school and I got lots of different cultures at that time.  That alerted me that I am interest to study in America.

4. In  America, I get a good opportunities to know the diversity of culture, different kinds of people. I can not only express  my ideas and get confidence ,but also enlarge my view. It is much better when I was stay in a single place.