I have read book (Pütz, M., Fishman, J. A., & Neff-van Aertselaer, J. (2006). ’Along the Routes to Power’ : Explorations of Empowerment Through Language. Berlin: De Gruyter Moutonthe). And I know that language represents the power of the groups. So the majority of language in the world represent their group power is stronger the  than the people who speak the minority of the language. “Linguistic Empowerment and Lan-guage Choices concentrates on theoretical issues pertaining to the relation-ship between language and power, linguistic empowerment and the verbal repertoire as an inventory of behaviors and language choices.” (Pütz, M., Fishman, J. A., & Neff-van Aertselaer, J. (2006).) So if your group really want to get more power of in the society, you should keep your language and prevent from forgetting your own language.



Pütz, M., Fishman, J. A., & Neff-van Aertselaer, J. (2006). ’Along the Routes to Power’ : Explorations of Empowerment Through Language. Berlin: De Gruyter Mouton.

9/13 junzheng

  In my audio essay, it is about there are some changes about my feeling and my life from my birth to now.  I was a late speaker, I couldn’t speak until I was 4 years old. When I was a child, I was staying in my small town and I felt lonely because no one talks to me.Then mom took me to Beijing in order to find a good doctor to train me. I experienced  a lot of differences between Beijing and my hometown. I know there is something more you can explore in different places and I never feel lonely. Then I went to shanghai and received a more westernized culture and education. That alert me to study abroad and experienced more diversity of cultures and enlarge my view.

  The essay indicate my growth by stepping out and exploring more. And I want to tell audiences that there are something interest in the world that you want to see. So I went to USF and learn more cultures. It is better than just staying in one place.

sep11, free writing

1.  I was born in small city in China. I was a late speaker. So my mother worry about me. She took me into Beijing, a large city, to find good doctor to train me.

2. This is my first time to step out from my small town. Beijing is kind of big city in the China. This is my first time to see the huge difference between Beijing and my small city. The tall building, wide highway, busy people and historical places of interests. I would never feel lonely anymore than when I was in my home town. there are a lot of deference between big and small cities.

3. Then I went to shanghai, I experienced a more westernized culture and received some international education in that city. So I attended to international school and I got lots of different cultures at that time.  That alerted me that I am interest to study in America.

4. In  America, I get a good opportunities to know the diversity of culture, different kinds of people. I can not only express  my ideas and get confidence ,but also enlarge my view. It is much better when I was stay in a single place.

challenge of my essay

   When I work on the audio essay, the most challenge I face is how to choose a appropriate music to match my emotion and my idea. And when I speak, I will somehow feel nervous which can affect my outcome. I should overcome these problems. And this is my first time to match the music and my voice by using the computer. This is also a kind of challenge for me.

 In conclusion, this assignment is challenged, I hope that I can have a good result on my essay.

Aug30 Class writing

        In my opinion, the similarities of opinion from my peers about the reading is that the most challenge and problem that the refugees faced is the language barriers. A lot of people spend a lot of years to learn their English skill. But the some of differences of my opinion is that in some circumstances, there also occur some inequality of different ethnicity. Some people in America still  think African and Latino American as gangbangers and trouble makers. Also, other students think that the culture is a kind of problem of refugees. They have different custom and religion.


   Hi, my name is Junzheng Li. I am 19 years old. I am from Shanghai, China. I like swimming and playing saxophone. My major is urban studies. I also like to watch movies and some TV shows. I have a very strong feeling of direction. I can qiuckly gt home in an shortest way.

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