Sep 13rd Classwork

The story is about my oversea studying experience in Singapore, and some difficulities I have to encounter with when I first get there. I listed several detailed examples to help developing that idea. I compared my past study experiences to the academic life in Singapore,a burgeoning country with several races,therefore, the language barrier confused me while I was studying there. I started to learn some slang words from their oral communication,and being suitable for a new environment. At that time,I also do some houseworks such as cleaning rooms,washing dishes,even cooking. All I haen’t done a few of times in when I was in home country. Those helps me to develop my self-help ability as well.

The personal study abroad experience I offered to audiences  illustrates how it helps me to make a progress than before. And  the different culture promotes me to study another language as well.Even though you can do well in diagnosed tests,you still can’te remove the their perspective that you are still a foreigner in some persons thoughts. The growth from that experience gave me not only a precious memory but also the attitudes toward the issues when you faced to.

Sep 11st classwork

I still remember when I heard my parents said they decided to send me study abroad, because of the higher academic pressure I had at that time, and they don’t want me to be anguished because of accumulated daily homework and multiple tests. Since our middle school is pretty popular and prestigious in the city, the students who attend to that school all have pressures when they first step into the school gate and become a member of it. In order to pursue a better academic environment and give play to my English, finally they chose Singapore as my first going aboard place. My aunt was a advanced Chinese teacher in the primary school there, so they are pretty trustingly to send me there. However the weather in Singapore is much humid and hot, the average  temperature overall year in there is above 30 degrees Celsius, I can’t even sleep without an air conditioner, and people usually wear casual clothes.



Intro: why I decide to choose going abroad for study at that time, what kind of reasons urge my parents to choose Singapore instead of other countries as my first abroad studying place, what’s my personal thoughts when I heard of it?

Body: How do I feel when I first get there? What the courses difference between studying in Singapore and that in China?  The problems I had when I encountered when I first came there?

Body:  A perplexed decision I should make at that time, should I stay studying in Singapore or transferring to the US high school?  What’ s my parents opinion about that?

Conclusion:  How this experience of studying in Singapore affects me in the future studies? How it helps me to grow up quickly in a short period of time?

Sep 4th classwork

After carefully reading the assignment posted on canvas, the main expectation from this project is to record a non-fiction audio essay that mixes with music or environmental sound. For reflecting on your history for a deeper understanding of your cultural, racial, and language identities and helping others learn from your past experiences The target for doing this assignment is to reveal some attractive insights about yourself and your life.The challenges might include composing an essay that compelling to others about some time period of your life, to provide some unexpected insight into you,and to explore the intimate roles that a particular soundscape plays in your life. To use your own voices as an instrument in this major essay might be the biggest challenge for me,to mix and edit voice and music/sound tracks in skillful ways is also crucial for this project.

In order to encounter those problems, we can gather more materials at first, and choosing the proper theme closer to your life and reflecting more of your inner sights.


Aug 30th classwork

After looking through the essay by Yifu,I do find some similar comments from it. He agrees it’s much difficult for a foreigner to adapt and learn a new culture and language.The language barrier prevent to involve into a new circumstance. The lack of confidence might lead to their mood swing and depression not long after. An obvious racial discrimination are anothet factor whcih affect immigrations mental health. They are afraid of speaking to local people because of their accent or being a scoffer in other’s eyes.

In addition,he also refers to be proud of your identity from his personal opinion,that’s  a different view after reading both of our essays. The author stresses several obstacles that we can not easily involve into a new nation. However,he stands in another angle to demonstrate that the importance of being confident for our original identities.

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