Sep 13rd Classwork

The story is about my oversea studying experience in Singapore, and some difficulities I have to encounter with when I first get there. I listed several detailed examples to help developing that idea. I compared my past study experiences to the academic life in Singapore,a burgeoning country with several races,therefore, the language barrier confused me while I was studying there. I started to learn some slang words from their oral communication,and being suitable for a new environment. At that time,I also do some houseworks such as cleaning rooms,washing dishes,even cooking. All I haen’t done a few of times in when I was in home country. Those helps me to develop my self-help ability as well.

The personal study abroad experience I offered to audiences  illustrates how it helps me to make a progress than before. And  the different culture promotes me to study another language as well.Even though you can do well in diagnosed tests,you still can’te remove the their perspective that you are still a foreigner in some persons thoughts. The growth from that experience gave me not only a precious memory but also the attitudes toward the issues when you faced to.

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