For improvements one thing I could do is learn how to properly cite my sources and make sure that the authors are properly credited. Other conventional details I could of improved on are making sure I know when to italicize quotes or titles or other proper formatting of quotes. I also could use more outside texts to further prove my claim, maybe even an opposing piece that I can dispute. The way the essay is structured is important to it is useful to know which structure is best in proving the essays point. Whether that be structuring the focal point of each paragraph around each texts, or structuring the focal point of each paragraph around important themes that make up my thesis. A good idea would also be to make sure that my sentences are clear and concise. When an assignment has a word or page count it’s easy to write lengthier sentences, but instead of meeting the word count by filling sentences with more words I could meet the word count by bringing more information to my essay. I could put in more historical or political findings in the essay that give the original texts more context.