9.3 In class writing

In the first assignment, audio essay, we are expected to record our essay and edit it with music background.
This essay is really different from what we had in other class before; it utilizes media, so it is not that boring. But it also brings me some concerns.
– Will my point be accuratly delivered?
– Can I record a audio that is interesting?
– Can I edit my work the right way?
First one, because it is not a written essay, audience won’t have words in front of them, so I need to have proper process to make everyone follow alone.
Secondly, it is recorded that means your vocal deliverance will effect the quality. Audience will fall asleep if the voice tone is too flat. So I need to talk with my emotions.
Thirdly, it deals with multi media, so I need to learn to use computer and program

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