9.13 in class writing, pitching ideas

The story is about how got nearly drowned in a pond when I was little. I was only 2 or 3 years old, and I had no idea what was duckweed; I step on it thinking it was a grass lawn, but it’s actually a pond with duckweed all over. After I fell, my dad immediately grabbed my leg, and pull me out from the pond with a single hand. Maybe because I was too young, it didn’t became a trauma or made me afraid of water. However, I loved swimming, I went to learn it, and had some training of it.

What I’m trying to tell from it is that, first of all, avoid bring little kids to dangerous places. For adults, it’s easy to identify duckweed and grass, but not for kid; so parents need to think like kids in order to understand them. And the other thing is that, bad thing is not always bad. I walked out of the trauma and decided to learn swim, now I love water, and I definitely can identify duckweed from grass now. So try to learn from life and from failure.

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