Class Activity Week 11: 10/30/18

I read Pu Zhao’s reading response and we had somewhat different views on the matter.

3 points that I found different from my own ideas:

  1.  College is also about critical thinking
  2.  College is about pushing students out of their comfort zones
  3.  The cost of college is more than it’s actually worth

Discussion on Essay 3 Assignment: 10/23/18 (Cont. 10/25)

Group members: Nichele, Jing, Shen

  1.  Three key features: we have to make a video, focuses more visual and aural layers
  2.  Three main requirements: video should be between 3-4 minutes, write a transcript with a clear outline and text and should include editing (via Audacity and iMovie most preferably), relatively simple or more complex depending on your skill level
  3.  Like’s: showed scenes from Harry Potter that correlated with what the narrator was saying and he gave his opinion as well as factual evidence. Dislikes: very long and maybe a bit too much information.  ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Isrnal7H8RE )


Oct. 25th 

New video essay we found: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jdd0JF79q4I

3 features that make this video effective or could make it better:

  •  narrator was interest in the movie himself (which makes wakes the viewer more attentive)
  • narrator talks about how the movie itself connected to the real world involving racism
  •  for improvements maybe add some background music

Class Activity 10/23/18

  • They examine the writing of both that they struggle with writing
  • Candice focuses more on the script than the actual film herself
    • It was mainly just her script then very few images
  • Katie focuses more on her film then she does her script
    • But comes to find different strategies to help with her writing
  • Depends on creativity levels and the vision a person has for their video

Oct. 18th Reflection on Education

Question: What does college education look like in your country or place you come from (affordable, more family pressure, gender-based, culturally superior, etc.)? What kind of education would you prefer and why?


Where I’m from a college education is encouraged but not forced. Often times when you get to your senior year your counselor will ask you what are your goals are for after high school and weather it be college/university, military or community college they will help you plan for it. Most can afford college but still often time taking out student loans on top of the scholarships they receive. As students we are encouraged to think realistically but also not to limit our abilities.

In terms of education I prefer going go a 4-year university because I believe it will help me gain better social skills, knowledge as well as introduce me to new cultures depending on where attend school.


10/18/18: Nichele & Shen

Discussion & Thoughts on Education

With reading the chapter 4 intro and Suzanne Fields’ “There’s More to Learning Than a Job Search” , we both agreed that both critical thinking and acquiring some specific marketable skills are important being that we need both for the real world but we also has two other key points in our responses;

  1.  In Shen’s response he focused more on the educational side and critical thinking and how they are vital to our educational success but also how we shouldn’t focus on money as much because that’s not what makes us successful.
  2.  In my response (Nichele) I focused more on the logical thinking of college in general and how the college experience may be different for everyone.
  • taking a gap year to become financially stable and may get some easy college credits out of the way
  • saving money
  • many can love what they do in life without having to attend college and be in debt just to get their education


Group Members: Nichele and Shen