Sept.20 in Class Writing

According to Mena (2018), “United States: Scion Dental to Pay $98,000 to Settle EEOC Race Discrimination Suit” (p. 1).

-> Scion Dental = a Wisconsin-based dental benefit administration company

-> EEOC = Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

-> this company agree to spend 98,ooo dollars to solve race discrimination problems that brought out by          EEOC

-> Scion Dental violated the federal anti-discrimination law when it failed to hire a temporary employee into a permanent position because she is African American

->  She discriminated against others by their race and twice rejected the temporary employee’s application



Sept.13 in Class Writing

My story is about the experience of learning English, I would like to share the struggles and the challenges I faced and the process of crossing the learning obstacles.

  • it is apparent to see the people who have the high level of English but is hard to understand and think about the process of how their achievement
  • a lot of people think that the fastest way to improve the English is to participate in high-level class  but that is totally wrong, they will learn “slower” instead of improving so everyone should get into the class which are in the level you are
  • In my case: Public Speaking class is too difficult for me because the English level is too high and I felt not comfortable and do not have confidence in English so I go to the class which is more suitable for me
  • I think the biggest challenge of learning English will be to speaking English in my daily life with all people because I am afraid that others do not understand my idea or thought but I need to be brave to speak out and do not scare to make mistakes

Sept.11 in Class Writing

Ideas about Audio Essay

In my audio essay, I would like to share about my experience of learning English. I will share the struggles and the challenges I faced and the process of crossing the learning obstacles (continuing practice). And I want to put a different kind of music or sound as the background to reflect my emotion.

  • use sound to indicate the different emotion of every stage of learning English
  • first stage: a lot of difficulties (heavy, deep and sad sound/music)
  • middle stage: gradually progress (excited and strive sound/music)
  • final stage: the sense of accomplishment (happy and relax sound/music)
  • let readers easy to understand the situation that I faced


Sept.6 in Class Writing


  • Description: about how he was introduced and grew like technology
  • development of the technology



  • excellent background music
  • a lot of sound elements



  • introduce his literacy experiences for the audiences that when he was a little child
  • improve the literacy skills through sounds and music



  • makes people attracted by his manuscript and have the desire to listen
  • chose an appropriate background music

Sept.4 in Class Writing

Main Purpose of Audio Essay:

  • display the strong perspective and the deep opinions in people mind
  • show important aspects of the work through audio – sound or music
  • explain people experience the issues of identity, culture, and racial stereotypes – a reflection of history
  • promote the learning of digital and media tools skills


  • make others fully understand the history and the situation
  • develop the significant role of music
  • use sound and voice to express emotion and vocal variety
  • using the “Audacity” to mix or edit the audio
  • must cite the resources carefully

How to cross these obstacles?

  • be more confident to speak out
  • listen to more music in English
  • watch the Youtube video to learn how to use Audacity
  • search online to learn how to cite bibliography accurately