Sept.13 in Class Writing

My story is about the experience of learning English, I would like to share the struggles and the challenges I faced and the process of crossing the learning obstacles.

  • it is apparent to see the people who have the high level of English but is hard to understand and think about the process of how their achievement
  • a lot of people think that the fastest way to improve the English is to participate in high-level class  but that is totally wrong, they will learn “slower” instead of improving so everyone should get into the class which are in the level you are
  • In my case: Public Speaking class is too difficult for me because the English level is too high and I felt not comfortable and do not have confidence in English so I go to the class which is more suitable for me
  • I think the biggest challenge of learning English will be to speaking English in my daily life with all people because I am afraid that others do not understand my idea or thought but I need to be brave to speak out and do not scare to make mistakes

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