Oct.2 in Class Writing

The main argument in Amber Floyd’s essay- “Dream Deferred” is that whether the Dream Act will be established or not and the author agree with the Dream Act. The Dream Act is raised by America government and the purpose of this act is hope those children who brought by their parents illegally to the U.S. can have the same education and learning environment as the American citizens. The author points out both side of the arguments, there are a lot of positive and negative views about the Dream Act.

At the end of the essay, the author points out her personal point of view, she believes that “college eligibility should be determined based upon ability and willingness to work hard” and “the issue of citizenship should not be taken into account when it comes to the right to an education” (Floyd, 2014-2015, pp. ). Therefore, the author agrees with those people who agree to let the Dream Act to pass.

I would like to choose this essay for Essay 2 because this is an interesting topic and there are a lot of aspects can be discussed. There is no right or wrong of different ideas because that is very subjective. And I have the different personal opinion with the author. I think the opposite sides which against the Dream Act are more persuasive for me. Those reasons to agree with the act is kind of weak because that is all about the humanism, those children are innocent indeed but that is a fact that they are illegal immigrants and undocumented in the U.S. If the Dream Act passes, there are more drawbacks than benefits for American citizens. Therefore, I against with this act and also disagree with the author’s perspective.  People should not let perceptual over strides Rationality in this issue.

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