Oct.23 in Class Writing Penny, Hua-Ting, Shady

3 key features of the video essay assignment:

  • use visual support and images
  • To better understand the use of editing┬áprogrammes like Audacity and iMovie
  • Use of transcripts to better make a narrative text


3 requirements:

  • use images and visual supplement to express my idea and theme instead of words
  • combine all factors together which include alphabetic texts, sounds, scenes, shots, images, and juxtaposition
  • also well-matched the whole factors

A Sample Essay

Like: How the narrator used the video in the background to support his discussion. The short clips were used as quotations about the topic “invisible exposition”.

Dislike: The narrator may have connected his ideas more through different texts and not only through using one.

The 3 Features of this video:

  • the sound is well-matched with the context
  • the scenes that are chosen for the video essay support the narrator’s ideas
  • the essay is structured well


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