Nov.6 Penny, Hua-Ting, Freda

In our video essay, there are three members in our group who are Freda, Hia-Ting and me. We distributed the work for each one equally. Freda is in the math major and Hua-Ting and I is in the business major.  Therefore, we went to interview with professors first and then Freda to be responsible for editing the video. Afterward, we will record our voice and put into the video. The purpose of our video essay is to convince and persuade others to join our majors so we need to make our major interesting. Therefore, we went to the business and math club or some activities to take pictures.

This is our plan:

Business script: Penny, Hua-Ting

Interview: 3 members

Edit: Freda

Recording: Hua-Ting

Math: The structure of the math department, activity: why should we choose it, interview, the benefit, the  introduction

Business: the future job, allow individuals not only develop personal skills but also the presentation and communication skills

Script: until Nov. 8th

Interview: before the end of Oct.

Shoot: until Nov. 5th

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