Sept.20 in Class Writing

According to Mena (2018), “United States: Scion Dental to Pay $98,000 to Settle EEOC Race Discrimination Suit” (p. 1).

-> Scion Dental = a Wisconsin-based dental benefit administration company

-> EEOC = Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

-> this company agree to spend 98,ooo dollars to solve race discrimination problems that brought out by          EEOC

-> Scion Dental violated the federal anti-discrimination law when it failed to hire a temporary employee into a permanent position because she is African American

->  She discriminated against others by their race and twice rejected the temporary employee’s application



Sept.13 in Class Writing

My story is about the experience of learning English, I would like to share the struggles and the challenges I faced and the process of crossing the learning obstacles.

  • it is apparent to see the people who have the high level of English but is hard to understand and think about the process of how their achievement
  • a lot of people think that the fastest way to improve the English is to participate in high-level class  but that is totally wrong, they will learn “slower” instead of improving so everyone should get into the class which are in the level you are
  • In my case: Public Speaking class is too difficult for me because the English level is too high and I felt not comfortable and do not have confidence in English so I go to the class which is more suitable for me
  • I think the biggest challenge of learning English will be to speaking English in my daily life with all people because I am afraid that others do not understand my idea or thought but I need to be brave to speak out and do not scare to make mistakes

Sept.11 in Class Writing

Ideas about Audio Essay

In my audio essay, I would like to share about my experience of learning English. I will share the struggles and the challenges I faced and the process of crossing the learning obstacles (continuing practice). And I want to put a different kind of music or sound as the background to reflect my emotion.

  • use sound to indicate the different emotion of every stage of learning English
  • first stage: a lot of difficulties (heavy, deep and sad sound/music)
  • middle stage: gradually progress (excited and strive sound/music)
  • final stage: the sense of accomplishment (happy and relax sound/music)
  • let readers easy to understand the situation that I faced


Sept.6 in Class Writing


  • Description: about how he was introduced and grew like technology
  • development of the technology



  • excellent background music
  • a lot of sound elements



  • introduce his literacy experiences for the audiences that when he was a little child
  • improve the literacy skills through sounds and music



  • makes people attracted by his manuscript and have the desire to listen
  • chose an appropriate background music

Sept.4 in Class Writing

Main Purpose of Audio Essay:

  • display the strong perspective and the deep opinions in people mind
  • show important aspects of the work through audio – sound or music
  • explain people experience the issues of identity, culture, and racial stereotypes – a reflection of history
  • promote the learning of digital and media tools skills


  • make others fully understand the history and the situation
  • develop the significant role of music
  • use sound and voice to express emotion and vocal variety
  • using the “Audacity” to mix or edit the audio
  • must cite the resources carefully

How to cross these obstacles?

  • be more confident to speak out
  • listen to more music in English
  • watch the Youtube video to learn how to use Audacity
  • search online to learn how to cite bibliography accurately

August 30 in the Class Writing

Compare my Response with Shirley’


  • immigrants always need to take a long time to assimilate into  a totally new environment
  • language is the most difficult aspect for immigrants
  • the U.S. is welcome people to move in towards diverse cultures
  • no matter which race you are, everyone can be American as long as you are in the U.S.
  • everyone ought to be respected and cared about each other



  • young people learn faster than elders
  • “what we can decide is how to put ourselves in the right frame of mind to be a better person, a useful person for society.”

August 28 in class writing

Nien-Chi Chu, Shirley Shou, Shady Rabah

I. Those refugees who move to the U.S. come from different countries. Dem. Rep. Congo has the most refugees that immigrate to the U.S. and the second most in Syria, third in Burma.

Those people most likely need to face the safety situation, such as shooting, therefore they come to the U.S. for the security insurance.

culture shock stages

II. The stages of those refugees faced The honeymoon phase (first arrive in the United States, people may have lots of goals and expectations for what will happen in your new life)

  • The culture shock phase(“As you adjust to a new culture, you may go through different periods where you feel different ways.” and this is a common phase for all people living in new cultures)

    • Helplessness

    • Thinking that everything is dirty

    • Feeling afraid

    • Anger

    • Boredom

    • Sleeping too much

III. Refugees may settle at the U.S.

They have Rights to Stay and Work in the U.S. by applying for a work permit so there will be legal to work in the U.S. The refugee may reunite with overseas family members who still left in their home country. When refugees have their own travel document, they may be left the U.S. except where they come from. Finally, after one year enters the U.S., they may apply for the green card.


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