9/11 in class writing

I want to write some experience in my life and that somehow can represent my personality. Conrad has said that: “if you are brave, you will have the courage to come; but if you shrink back, they’re gonna be nothing left. ” I have been through several culture shots in my life. I like this quote very much cause that’s part of life story.

there was a young boy was born in a small village in China back to 1999. his grandparents are both farmers; his parents are both teachers.  At that time, between the village or town and city, there is a huge wealth gap. As anyone else in this society, poor people have always been laughed at. when this boy grows up to 8 years old and its time for him to go to elementary school.  since there no school in this poor town, all his family move to a bigger town which near the village. that’s the first time this boy felt he is different from any other kids. that boy which is me. for just depend on teacher’s small income. Our life is not that good so that my father quit his job and start his business.

Three years later, it’s time for me to go to third grades. for my better education chance and convenient to my father workplace, our whole family moved to Nanjing. The first year I have been laughed at by other kids lots of time cause I am a “stranger” to this city. Your dress is different; your tone is different; your habit still not belongs to them. That’s pretty bad for such an 11 years old child.  that time I didn’t know people will keep away something that you do not familiar with.  be brave

third culture shot: come to American

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