September 13, In Class Writing

What the story is about: what goes through an athletes mind while competing.

What the story is really about: “A tennis match, is life in miniature”.

The story will follow a tennis player’s thoughts during a match. It will present a couple of conflict in terms of how the player has to handle the match (the opponent, his own game, his mind etc.). The problem solving from the player during the match will be reflected on afterward and compared to human nature and everyday situations.

The story will have an introduction meant to catch the audience´s attention. The story is supposed to stand out by being told in a present setting (in action) where the story is told by a first-person narrator. This will hopefully show the authenticness of the story and make it easier for the audience to experience the presented feelings. At the end, there will be a reflection to sum-up the story.

The goal of the story is the give the audience a feeling and clearer understanding of how sports can be related to life in general. Another goal is to make it intense and persuading the feelings of the audience by using audio elements such as music and sound effects. The ultimate goal is to get the audience to reflect on how crazy and beautiful sports are at the same time.

(culture of sports and the language of sports/athletes).





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