September 20, APA Citation Quotation

The general topic in the introduction of the journal “Counting niqabs and burqas in Denmark: Methodological Aspects of Quantifying Rare and Elusive Religious Sub-cultures,” Warburg, Johansen, & Ostergaard ( 2013) is the proposing ban of face-wearing clothes such as niqabs and burqas.

The proposing is a result of cultural differences, which is showcased in the journal by “For many people in the West, the sight of a woman who wears the niqab is provocative and gives rise to objections and condemnations of various kinds, from concern about the women´s supposed oppression to issues of identification and public safety” (p .33).

This quote explains who the Conservative Party in Denmark wants to ban niqabs and why it is a common topic in many European countries. The diverse cultural understandings of this particular clothing are the reason behind this “popular” topic in Western politics.





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