In Class Writing – Oct 2

Reading: Floyd, Amber. “A “Dream” Deferred: An Exploration of the Scarlet Title “Undocumented

The essay discusses different opinions on the proposed “Dream Act”. The ideas of the essay are both reasons why people are proposing and why people are against it. The main idea from the proposing side is that studying children of immigrant families should get a change of pursuing a higher education. This was also the main idea behind the creation of “Dream Act”:”The Dream Act was created in hopes that students who were brought to America by their parents illegally would be safe from deportation, given the opportunity to receive an education and eventually be on the path to obtaining legal citizenship”, (Floyd. p. 183). The main idea from the opposing side is that it will cost the society a lot of money resulting in increasing taxes which will lead to even more difficulties for poor American families to pay for college. Floyd implies this by using a quote from a former Senator of Buffalo, New York, Mark Grisanti:”simply cannot justify spending tens of millions of taxpayer dollars annually to pay for tuition for illegal immigrants when so many law-abiding families are struggling to meet the ever-increasing costs of higher education for their own children”, (Floyd. p.185). This quote clearly illustrates the opposing opinion that has be taken into consideration when discussion whether to legislate the “Dream Act” or.




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