2018.9.13 brief audio essay pitch

When i was a high school student, I watched a super cool video about pen spinning. Then I decided to learn about it. I surfed the internet to find the related research, tutorial and information. After that, I started learning pen spinning. However, soon I found that it is not as easy as I imagine. You need to imitate the movement hundred times until you are skilled. I realized that patience is really essential. Without patience, you are not able to concentrate and  learn any tricks successfully. Whereas, if you continued do it regularly, you will finally succeed. I also make many new friends from all over the world through the internet because of this special sport. People discuss skills of pen spinning humbly.  It is interesting that nobody cares about cultural background and color of skin. We are just the same people who love the same thing. And in my opinion it is a common social phenomenon nowadays as a result of the globalization and the development of technology. Although the globalization brings many conflicts as well such as racism, i believe that people are able to talk with each other friendly without any boundary through the time.

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