11.1 in class writing

First,I really like this essay because it reveals problems in China nowadays by using Peng Fei’s real life experiences, which makes this essay much more persuasive. Second, the author also uses many Peng Fei’s own words and I appreciate it because it makes me much more involved in Peng Fei’s past life. Also,I agree with Hao Wang’s idea that the essay is well organized by stating the time line and cultural background that time.


oct 30 in class writing

First,after reading yifu’s response, I found that we both agree with Desiree Bergstrom’s statement that taking a variety of courses in college is “about learning to be a well-rounded student ready for anything in the workforce”. We both believe that most of required courses is going to help you to figure out something in the future in some ways even though it seems unrelated to your major. For example, writing and reading skills can help you to understand others’ thoughts well while you doing research and communicating with people no matter what’s your major.

Second,reading Nichele’s response, i found some different ideas that Nichele dosent fully agree with the statement,because not everyone is able to afford the college education. The tuition is really high, so people should consider it more carefully if the debt will last a lifetime. Also as Goldie Bluemenstyk’s research, one of the reason why just half of graduate strongly agree their college education was worth the cost is debt concerns.

oct 23

After reading the essay, I realize that both processes of video composing that Candice and Katie use to complete their digital video projects are not well enough when composing videos. As the writer mentioned that, ” a linear stage-model is insufficient to account for the multiple relationship between and among word/image/sound that they wrestled with, and the subsequent kinds of composing decisions they either undertook or ignored. Where alphabetic writing involves invention, selection and revision in one semiotic channel, digital video incorporates three semiotic channels at any given moment.”

These examples of the essay help me to know what is the appropriate method for doing this video essay assignment. I should not only focus on writing things but also focus on other aspects such as images and sounds, because it is a video essay. In this kinds of essay, we also need to think and build the relation between images, sounds and texts. The connection and the meaning under images, sounds and texts are essential to consider as well. You need to make decisions in not only script but also sounds and movement in the video essay.

oct 18 reflection on education

In China colleges are much more affordable than us because of the lower tuition fee. Of course, I will prefer chinese colloges because much more people are able to afford college study. However, it is really hard to attend a high rank college. The competition is too intense as a result of the huge mount of population and limited resources. Everything has its benefits and disadvantages. If you want as much people as possible to have relatively fair chance to attend college, for chinese government, gaokao (test once a year which is required for attending college) may be the appropriate way.

October.2 2018

In the essay of Tadeu Velloso. He used his own experience to show what children of immigrants face in America realistically. Growing up, he was always confused by his identity. He often said that he is a American when people asking, whereas most people can not believe easily. However when he said that he is Brazilian, it doesn’t work too. Since he learned many from the “white culture”.  And then, learned from the civil rights movement, Tadeu Velloso found a opportunity which a world where race could be embraced positively. In his childhood, he is growing up with people who are seem as threats because of the stereotype of their color and ancestry. He wanted to change the situation so he joined his first public protest which is about immigrant rights. After that he realized that those unique things he has, are something to be proud of. On the road of defining himself, Tadeu Velloso learned a lot and helped many people such as the incarcerated people though the road is rough (p.229-231).

After reading this part of essay, i realized one of the vital problem which the children of immigrants need to comfort is “who they are”. They will think that they are not“Brazilians” nor “Americans” because of their special experiences. And, the source of the problem is complicated such as the color of the skin, languages and cultural differences. These things make them be a unique group of people. From my point of view, I believe that we should never be afraid of or disappointed about who we are and we need to find the answer of the question who we are by ourselves.  This should be a good way which is able to help you when facing racial problems. Escaping from the difficulties and struggles of the “finding”  will make us feel better in a short period of time, however it will never solve the real problem which we are facing. We should find a appropriate way to adopt and hug, our diversities and differences. It not only makes your life easier but also happier as a result of eliminating the internal division of us to become a “whole” person.


Tadeu Velloso. () America now (p.229-231).

2018.9.27 blog writing idioms

1. bite the dust. I like this because it can easily express the failure which people encounter, and I  had read this idiom before but i didn’t know the exact meaning.

2.Money talks : i like it because this idiom show the power of money vividly.

3.The early bird catches the worm: This idiom which means that getting up early to get the first place is also famous in China

4.Feel like a million dollars: it is pretty straight forward to express happiness. And i like this kind of direct expression.

5.An old salt: It is interesting but precise to call a experienced sailor an old salt since sailor always lives with sea.

2018.9.20 library research practice

Language identity is one of the most essential part of our overall identity. The connection between language and identity is too strong to be ignored. However, what is the reason of such connection? Which  two authors, Llamas and Watt(2010), of the book ”Language and Identities” said that” Language not only reflects who we are but in some sense it is who we are, and its use defines us both directly and indirectly. We use language in a direct way to denote and describe who a person is through use of naming and kinship terms, descriptions based on appearance, behavior, background, and so on, and we use language to assign identities indirectly when we base our judgments of who people are on the way they speak. Language-mediated attribution of identity to individuals is so ingrained in human social affairs that we consider a person lacking a name to also lack an identity.”(p.1). Their words demonstrate how languages connect to identity that a nameless person is lack of an identity. We use language express ourselves and describe others things. Without language, we are not only not able to know each other but also not able to know ourselves. Therefore,language,  it is significant to our identity that it shapes our identity in various aspects.

Llamas, C., & Watt, D. J. L. (2010). Language and Identities. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press.

2018.9.13 brief audio essay pitch

When i was a high school student, I watched a super cool video about pen spinning. Then I decided to learn about it. I surfed the internet to find the related research, tutorial and information. After that, I started learning pen spinning. However, soon I found that it is not as easy as I imagine. You need to imitate the movement hundred times until you are skilled. I realized that patience is really essential. Without patience, you are not able to concentrate and  learn any tricks successfully. Whereas, if you continued do it regularly, you will finally succeed. I also make many new friends from all over the world through the internet because of this special sport. People discuss skills of pen spinning humbly.  It is interesting that nobody cares about cultural background and color of skin. We are just the same people who love the same thing. And in my opinion it is a common social phenomenon nowadays as a result of the globalization and the development of technology. Although the globalization brings many conflicts as well such as racism, i believe that people are able to talk with each other friendly without any boundary through the time.

2018.9.11 free writing

I want to talk about my experience of learning spinning pen. As i was a high school student, i watched a video about pen spinning. It is so cool and amazing that i decided to learn about it. Then i researched about pen spining by surfing the internet , which i knew there are so many pen spinners all over the world and there is a plenty of organizations in different countries such as PSH in china and JEB in japan. I became intereted about pen spining However, skills about spinning are not as easy as i thought before. There are so many various tricks invented by pen spinners. Most of tricks are complicated and hard to learn that you need to pratice more than hundreds times to do the trick perfectly. You will fail more than hundreds times until you are skilled,which made me realize that failure is common but you need to gain from the failure then you will make progress. The key point is patience. In the process of learning tricks, i learned to be extremely patient since some of tricks will cost your several mouths until you are able to do it. Also, it train my concentration that when you are praticing, you really need to focus on controlling your fingers carefully. What’s more, i made many new friends who also play penspinning. Not only Chinese friends but friends from all over the world. It is interesting that noboby cares about where you from. We just a bunch of people who love the same thing.

Outline: Watched a cool video

Research about Pen spinning

learnning complicated tricks





9.4 in class writing

In the audio essay, we need to use some experiences to reflect the cultural, racial and language identities. Also it should be benefitial for people to learn something. We have to learn to use some media tool as well for editing the essay. I think the challenges are that, first you need to give a unexpected view that people can learn more and think differently. Second about using the media tool, since    The audio essay is pretty much different from written essay. There are various things that you need to be careful such as the volume and the background music. Also the emotion be reflected by your voice is significant.