September 13th In-Class Writing

My story is about I used to hate learning English. By a chance, I have to talk with my American cousins which we are facing the big challenge is to communicate with each other. At that point, I realize how important about learning the second language. I want to talk with the people all around the world and knowing more diversity of culture. So, I start to focus on learning English and planning study abroad.

As soon as I come to the United States, my English skill moves a big step. There have two steps I took really helps me. Firstly, try to communicate with host family more often and get the idea about American culture. I also learn a lot of language use from them. Secondly, join the drama class also helps me to prove my language ability. It helps you to memorize more beautiful sentences through the script help me in the future writing and speech. Moreover, it also helps me to make more American friends, as we need to practice together and learning together. That experience makes us know each other better.

I really appreciate the experience about as an international student lives in the US. It has broadened my horizons, and let me have a better understanding of a new language in the context of diverse cultures. I also have to thank my host parents, they gave me the good opportunity to learn about the American culture and language as well.

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