Sept 13 Free Writing

What the story is about? How it develops the ideas?

The story is about the struggle that I encountered in learning a new language- English. In my audio essay, I stated all the challenges and obstacles that I faced in everyday activities. Even today, I still don’t feel myself fully belonging to the new community and still trying hard to overcome with these challenges with the positive mentality. I decided to do this topic related to language barrier, because I found it to be interesting to talk about as I am now in the process of experiencing language barrier, I think it would be realistic and sounds personal when I talk about it.

In what ways it indicates some tensions/growth?

It shows maturity at the end of the audio essay. Even though I know I am considered weak as learning a new language, but I won’t give up easily, rather, telling myself to keep trying and think positive. Believing that things can get better if I insist on learning.

What particular learning experiences, cultural understanding it offers to the audience?

I think after people listen to my audio essay, I can encourage them by stating my personal encounters. And not only I confronted this situation, but maybe some of the audiences might feel the same as me and we can relate to each other as well as support each other in our process of learning.

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