Sept 13th Rhet 106 – Pitch ideas

The idea in my audio essay is trying to say how I see going abroad to another country also means a transition of my life as growing up. The first week of being here and I feel how hard it is to get used to the environment, and there are lots of difference between the city I come from and San Francisco.

Studying in a different country is hard as I imagined. Although people here are nice, I still feel uncomfortable and nervous when talking to someone since I don’t speak English very well and afraid of making mistakes. ┬áHomesick is another problem as I have a video chat with my parents.

However, if I don’t overcome the problems I am facing with, there’s no other way to solve it. By the teamwork and some group discussions in different courses, I kind attempt to express my ideas more and more clearly. So I keep telling myself what am I here for.


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