Nov 1st.


-A  detailed format with many images and a short video that provides the audience of what was the character’ s lifelike.

-The essay is too long and looks tedious that when I scroll down the page, and I almost lose my interest reading it. It will be better if can make a soundtrack of the narrator telling his story as the readers read it or make a short video as a summary.


Oct 30th

I find Parker’s response and I agree with some points what he relied on. Entering the college and learn more courses can improve your skill of critical thinking and broaden your view to the future. However, it is not choosing courses to learn randomly or blindly, you have to choose what you really like or find the interests that you get. If you learn Business, you can learn rhetorical writing and math to improve this major, but if you choose to learn arts or some subjects irrelevant, that can be a waste of time. At the same time, college tuition is higher that some families may not afford on, so students may get loans to support their study. Yet, going to college may not be the only way to be a person you want to be or help you get a great work in the society, so some costs of the college may not worth for you to take risks on if you don’t have any other ways.


Rhet 106 #Essay 3 discussion

Pu Zhao, Yifu Wu, Xianglin Xu

3 features

  1. Editing the video
  2. Theme relevant to the audience and major
  3. Interview with a professor or an expert

3 requirements

  1. 3-4 minutes of concisely communicate the main idea
  2. Editing sounds and video
  3. Transcript of an outline and a text


It talks about how to make a video essay and it has a clear theme with an introduction and all its information. I like how video essay tells a story or an image but I don’t like it with its preparation with lots of time and I have to edit it many times of sounds, music, video, and images.


Oct. 2nd #Rhet 106 Essay 2 preparation

In Dawn Martin’s “Weary Oracle”, the author talks about the experience of her mother, a woman who insists that she never experienced a single moment of racism, and heard that people using the word “white” as an insult. However, if this happens to her call people “black”, that would be a different story. People separate themselves in categories when getting together. In the article, the author mentions that “And she gets visibly annoyed when black people organize around blackness, as though claiming the category that is also used to disparage them were a criminal act.” (Martin, 2018). The experience of being discriminated truly happens even though it does not happen to everyone and there are only some people get race trauma.  Moreover, the author also examines that the situation of racism happened frequently in universities. The author tells that, “At Claremont McKenna College, a young woman’s voice cracks as she speaks into a megaphone handed to her by protesters who seek redress for the racial slights that they believe have been encouraged by the culture of the campus. Instead of talking about her own experiences of racism, the woman testifies to the more generalized experiences of others. She weeps; her whole body vibrates.” (Martin, 2018). The way that the girl or some other students oppose racism is not imagery, instead, it is a real feeling they have and something pressing on themselves. She thinks that as universities and colleges get invitations for students to engage in the leisure of intellectual work, that will be a place where students get color hurt.


Martin, D. (2018). [Readings] | Weary Oracle, by Dawn Lundy Martin | Harper’s Magazine. Retrieved from https://harpers.org/archive/2016/03/weary-oracle/


Sept 27th Rhet 106 # Idioms

5 Idioms

  1. Break the ice: I heard this idiom before and at first, I thought it truly means to break the ice, and by finding an explanation, I figure that out which is to do something friendly in order to overcome shyness or to ease tension in a social situation.
  2. Drink like a fish: I thought it would be to drink a lot of water like a fish in the ocean, but it truly means drinks great quantities of alcoholic beverages.
  3. Get up someone’s nose: I thought it is to get someone’s nose by really doing that, however, it means feeling someone got annoying.
  4. Blue Monday: I know blue can also define as feel stressful or sad, which I think it would mean feel sad because you have to work again on Monday, and it means time to get back to the routine of work.
  5. (and) Bob’s your uncle: It means everything is satisfactory or will work out well.

Sept 20th # Rhet 106 Library research practice

Female students behave differently when participating in large classes and small seminars. In large classes, female students as a group are more willing to answer questions and join in the discussion.  Rose, the author who demonstrates that ” This is particularly the case in the evening program where students tend to be more mature, self-assured, and certain of their goals. Women students in general also demonstrate greater ease and confidence when I call on them than they did a decade ago”. (Rose, para.14).  Followed by the author’s idea, when women stand individually, they may not have the courage to answer questions in class. However, as female students stay in together, they may gain confidence from each other and rely on someone who is more mature and self-assured, then the rest group will share and spread this kind of spirit to the others and get confident to answer questions in class.

Also,  students who are not likely to speak in large classes, instead they are often more engaged in small seminars where the pace is slower and the tone is informal, which students can get fair opportunities to talk frequently. According to the author that “Now it could be that only those students who enjoy a certain comfort level with public speaking or engaging in class discussion enroll in seminar classes in the first instance.” “I also have found women students to be especially active participants in online discussions carried through a Web site that I now regularly establish for use only by students enrolled in each seminar or course”.(Rose, pare.15). Rather than involve in a large class, some female students may get comfortable when they have classes in small seminars where there is not much pressure. Moreover,  female students would like to ask questions or talk to professors by one on one online.


The NEA 2015 Almanac of Higher Education2015 253 The NEA 2015 Almanac of Higher Education Washington, DC National Education Association 2015 112 pp. (2015). Reference Reviews, 29(7), 24-25. DOI: 10.1108/rr-04-2015-0096


Sept 13th Rhet 106 – Pitch ideas

The idea in my audio essay is trying to say how I see going abroad to another country also means a transition of my life as growing up. The first week of being here and I feel how hard it is to get used to the environment, and there are lots of difference between the city I come from and San Francisco.

Studying in a different country is hard as I imagined. Although people here are nice, I still feel uncomfortable and nervous when talking to someone since I don’t speak English very well and afraid of making mistakes.  Homesick is another problem as I have a video chat with my parents.

However, if I don’t overcome the problems I am facing with, there’s no other way to solve it. By the teamwork and some group discussions in different courses, I kind attempt to express my ideas more and more clearly. So I keep telling myself what am I here for.


Sept 11th # Free Writing


Life continues as time on clocks “tick and tick”. Growing from a teenager to a young adult, there are lots of transitions during the process.

As a new beiginning in the college, I study there and learn knowledge. Leave sweet home and my parents, take the flight with secure insurance. Slept on the air only three hours, keep sober but lose my powers. Imagined a lot of possible

First time to be in the US,  that I took the airplane alone to the U.S. and dealt with everything all by myself. It is not a thing to say to the others, but I am proud of what I did by going to another country to meet different culture and study there.

As I arrived at the airport, I met the Go green team, which is an organization established by juniors and seniors, with their great welcome. On the way by taking a bus to school,  I saw the view of San Francisco, a city I only see pictures online before. Before I came to the school, I did not imagine what the school will be like, however, as soon as I came here, I found out that life is hard and things never go easy. As a student who doesn’t speak English as the first language, the days to get used to the environment is quite tough.





Sep 3rd

The main expectations of the assignment are telling a story of your own with a soundtrack, providing some unexpected insights as a human being, and exploring the important roles that music in your life and trace how it shapes your experience.

Since I have never seen this kind of essay before, there must be lots of challenges for me especially for the first time that I create one. Thinking of a story and tell this story to the others can be a hard problem to solve, and add a soundtrack in that mp3 for editing can be tough to do as well.

Then, I plan to think of a plan and complete those requirements step by step which may take me a lot of time but it is the safest way to do so.

Moreover, I also need to see many examples online of this kind of audio essay and figure out what should I do later.