Hello, everyone. My name is Yifu Wu, you can also call me Joe. As a international student who grow up in the South of China, I am a tradtional Cantonese from Guangdong, Zhuhai. I love seafood since my hometown is a beautiful seaside city. I have to say that Cantonese food is the most delicious food in the world. This is part of the reason why I came to San Francisco since it is a place that similar to my hometown, and it also has many nice seafood restaurants. One of the interesting fact about me is that I can’t speak Cantonese very well since my mother asked me to speak Mandarin when I was a little boy. My biggest hobbit is roller skating which I can enjoy the speed that it brings to me. Besides that, I will sometimes do some work out and play basketball during leisure time.

As my second year studying in University of San Francisco, I would like to make more friends here! Nice to meet you!

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