Summary of peers’ responses (Kexin, Xianglin)

Almost everyone mentions the difficulty for immigrants to learn English in his or her response including me. Xianglin uses an example of a history class to illustrate the process for immigrants’ children to translate English into their own languages and understand the meaning. Kexin uses numbers that tell it will take six to seven years for a foreign to adapt and use a new language as proficient as the native speakers. I mention the educational gap between immigrants and native citizen because of the language issue, but I don’t mention the violence to immigrants because of their races which is a huge issue of race discrimination. What they don’t have is the potential mental problem of immigrants like depressing that cause by lack of communication with others. Both of them use the author’s own experience as a supporting argument for their viewpoints like there is still unfair treatment between immigrants and citizens, and it is hard for them to get used of a new culture. However, we all agree that keeping his or her identity is very important even if they move to a new place. But, I am more into that every culture is unique and we should all respect it and try to get into it.

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