Main expectations and challenges of Essay 1

The main expectations of this assignment are that to refer on my history for a deeper understanding of my own culture,race, and language identities, ┬áto make others learn something from my own experiences, to improve my skill of using new digital tools as a way to write, to know the differences of making an audio essay and writing in paper. The challenges I may face during this assignment is that to mix and edit music or soundscape in an appropriate way, to use my voice as a instrument that attract people into my story, to make this story be an interesting and attractive one. I am planning to choose a relatively slow and comfortable music to let everyone can listen to the context of essay clearly and the music will kind of go with the context so it won’t sound very strange as people listening to it. I will make an appropriate break between each sentence and paragraph so that people can have time to listen and think about the context deeply. The music won’t be too slow and quite that makes the audiences feel boring or even sleepy. There will be different period of the music that is not always in the same tune so that audiences can listen to different type of music as the context goes into different vibe or emotion. I will try to be creative when doing this assignment.

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