April 30

“The wage gap between women of color and white men is high, with African American women earning about 67 cents to a white man’s dollar and Latina women earning 62 cents to a white man’s dollar” (Estes, 2018)



Estes. C. (2018). Women’s Rights, Women’s Status, Women’s Resistance in the Age of TrumpJournal of the American Society on Aging, 38, 36-44. Retrieved from



April 27

Free Writing

Women are becoming to have more power than they used to do. In past, there was time when women did not have rights at all. In some countries, there was a law that allows men to have multiple wives. But recently women seem to have same or even more ability than men. Obviously women can not beat men in physical strength, but women are smart and they get higher education than men. The time when women stay home and be house wives is over, it seems like women are dominating work space and are a lot more helpful than men. Since, women are the ones giving birth to new born, hiring women is much more to deal with. However, they tend to be more loyal to what they get, so I think hiring women is a good choice to make. Women’s jobs used to be prohibited to certain jobs, but nowadays, they are exceeding the boundary and exploring new field of jobs.


  • Talk about past and how women were treated
  • Multiple wives system
  • Women taking break for giving birth
  • How women are doing better than men in academics
  • Women expanding the field of jobs

April 9

Santa & Jin


  • Coding is interesting and there are millions of things that one can make
  • Learning about computer is becoming necessary
  • Computer Science major is a high demand
  • Good Salary



  • Attract audience’s attention by showing the video of someone playing a game, and then describe how coding works
  • Introducing Alpha Go