April 19th in class assignment


Activity 1

For a long time, my stepson,  Jonathon, was unhappy to have me as part of his family. For he resented that he didn’t have both biological parents at home. I tried to get to know him better, but he would complain that I invade his privacy.  As a newcomer, I understand  that our relationship will require effort from both os us. It was not enough that i am friendly. Jonathon also wants us to be friends, and I wasnt happy with the two of us being strangers, but I can wait for him to feel more comfortable around me.

Activity 2

Anne marie collects anitque bottles and loves to turn them into works of arts. She will buy bottles if she likes them,  but she prefers to find them in the ground. She will find bottles everywhere, but she pickes them selectively. However, she had the best luck at construction sites or old framland,  where she spends most of her time. Often,  bottles appears on the surface after a good rain,  but they disappear very soon.  She will use special tools for excavating bottles,  including a set of brush. She did not want to break the bottles as she removes then from the ground. After finding a new bottle. She did not want to break the bottles as she removes them from the ground.  After finding a new bottle, Anne marie will add it to her display case and hang on the wall as an artistic piece.



1- Horse around – My friend diddnt go out with us yesterday and horsed around in his house while we were enjoying the night life.

2-Pay through the nose – I broke a really expensive piece of ary in the hotel lobby and i had to pay through the nose.

3-Not have a leg to stand on – john clearly dont have a leg to stand on until he proves that he diddn’t steal the idea from our group.

4- Smell a rat – The minute i entered my house i could smell a rat.

5- Cat got my tongue – The cat got my tongue the minute I left the house alone at 3:00 am





Feb 3 In-class Writing

his eyes were large, he was all red, i could see his vein, his eyebrows came close together, heated up, change in voice.


I was in 7th grade when i first wanted to get onto social media because everyone in my class had already got into social media sites. My family never stopped me from doing things that i wanted to and didn’t really harm my school and extra curricular activity’s. It was amusing when i opened my laptop to go onto the website and make my own social media ID my face shape changed my eyes were big and i was moving my hands fast to get onto it. After my family got to know i had an account on Facebook there wasn’t any difference in there attitude and had the same way they always have. Days past by and i would spend more time on social media and not do the usual football games and outing i used to. One day my mom came up to me i could see a red face speaking faster and in a loud voice she said, you always stay in and not do anything except using your laptop. I figured she meant i was spending a lot of time on social media that was annoying my parents now.

By the time passed my parents got used it me using social media websites and as the smart phones have so many applications it got easier because of so manny applications being introduced. But i honestly think i should have gone out more and socialized with friends and not just sit back home and use smart phones and computers all day long.

At last I would say it’s good to be connected with people around the world and near you through social media because it makes communicating so much easier but we should not make it our life and not do anything else and no go out and socialize thats when the problem starts. (everything is good if done in limits, anything and everything can be addicting).



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