Speaking of Bicycles

My First Speaking Center Appointment

In retrospect, I’d say that my first speaking center appointment was a good use of time. I started out by talking about all the information I had gathered for my speech, and went from there. This led to the creation of a revised outline, where we organized my main points. From here, we began to brainstorm how I could improve my speech. We concluded that it was incomplete; that there were missing pieces, so we discussed what I could add to fill in these gaps. We came up with valuable ideas like incorporating attention-getters, such as, pictures, videos, and personal experiences. In addition, we agreed that I needed to work on my transitions, conclusion, and closing/memorable last statement. Also, I left with more knowledge on public speaking, like how my hands on experience with my topic should allow me to relax a little more and speak off the top of my head. This encourages a natural and conversational tone. And, if I make a mistake, I can fall back on this strategy and make eye contact with my audience, in case I need a back-up plan. We ended the session by coming up with potential ways to get the audience engaged, which you will see in class. I can’t give y’all all my secrets.

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