Speaking of Bicycles

Month: May 2017

S4 Reflection

One thing I think I did well in my S4 was present my speech in a clear and concise way,…

Cyclecide Heavy Pedal Bike Rodeo

It was great to experience the Cyclecide Heavy Pedal Bike Rodeo at USF. I enjoyed hearing about its origins and meeting the…

S4: Video Rehearsals

S4: Sources

Andersen, Mikael Colville. “Bicycle Culture by Design.” Copenhagenize.com – Bicycle Culture by Design. N.p., n.d. Web. 24 Apr. 2017. <http://www.copenhagenize.com/>.

S4: Write-Out

  “With 26% of all daily trips achieved by bike, cycling is an integral part of daily life for everyone…

S4: Outline

What is Copenhagenization? What is the story behind Copenhagenization? Why Copenhagen? What is the The Dutch approach? Has it been…

Fourth Speaking Center Appointment

For my fourth and last speaking center appointment, we started off by looking over my write-out. Then I read it…

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