Edgewood Park

Edgewood Park

Date: 4/5/2018

Location: Redwood City, California

Coordination: 37.4732° N, 122.2782° W

Elevation: 225-820 feet


Site description:

Edgewood Park is located in Redwood City, CA. and is 467 acres of woodlands and grasslands, which is wonderful for hiking and sightseeing. There is a variety of habitats in this site including Wetland, Grassland, Oak Woodland, and Chaparral plant communities offer varied habitats for living creatures found in the park. The central portion of the park is dominated by a prominent ridge about 800 feet in elevation, affording outstanding views of Skyline Ridge. This site is home to high proportions of native plant species including rare and locally endemic species.


Species description:


Family: Saxifragaceae
Common name: Common woodland star
Species: Lithophragma affine

Overall plant and its habitat: perennial herb, native to the coast of western North America and grows on mountain slopes, hills, and canyonsides.

Leaves: leaves are located on the lower part of the stem, each divided into sharp-pointed lobes, green and simple.

Flowers: red or green sepals, The five petals are bright white, up to 1.3 centimeters long, and divided into three toothlike lobes at the tips.

This plant was found in the early section of our hike.


Family: Ranunculaceae
Common name: Columbine
Species: Aquilegia formosa












Overall plant and its habitat: grows to 20–80 cm in height, perennial herb that is native to California and is also found elsewhere in North America and beyond.

Leaves: generally simple to deeply 3-lobed

Flowers : 5 cm long and red and yellow in color with red sepals and yellow petals, edible, with a sweet taste but the seeds are fatal.

This plant was seen in the early section of our hike.



Family: Liliaceae
Common name: checker lily
Species: Fritillaria affinis
Overall plant and its habitat: Large bulb scales 2–5, small 2–20, habitat includes oak or pine scrub or open woods and thickets near the coast.

Leaves: whorls of 2–8 and alternate

Flowers: 1–4 cm, yellowish or greenish brown with a lot of yellow mottling to purplish black with little mottling, or yellow-green mottled with purple.

This flower was found in the earlier section of the hike.



We left USF around 1 pm on Thursday 4/5. The weather was sunny and nice. It took us around 30 minutes to get to Redwood city. This site was surrounded by gorgeous views and we were able to see many species of plants since there was an abundance of flowering plants in this location. We also got the chance to see many of the plants we had seen before and review them. There was an abundance of species at this site and we saw around 40 species of plants. Overall, the hike was not too intense and the views were enjoyable.



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