Cellphones have a huge impact on out every day lives. I decided to find an article on our habits with cell phones. In Hunter Hargraves article (2017) “To Trust in Strange Habits and Last Calls” goes on about how our involvement with cellphones has impacted the our everyday lives in the way that, everything we see, do, or believe in is impacted by what’s filtered in our cellphones. For example, Hunter states in his article, ” Ubiquitous smartphone use proffers a managerial relationship between subject and device, such that smartphone culture becomes necessary for navigating between different spheres of life” (Hargraves Pg. 1). This quote clearly indicates the significance of our cellphones and the impact it has on our everyday lives. Hargraves goes on to tell a story about a women and her husbands sex scandal, and the issue with cellphones in the conflict.


Hargraves, H. Television and New Media, (February 1st 2017)

To Trust in Strange Habits and Last Calls: The Good Wife’s Smartphone Storytelling




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