This image shows a man laying in bed resting at a rehabilitation center. Less than a month after the Boston marathon incident where Jeff had his lower legs blown off, He was admitted for therapy at a rehabilitation center.  This image definitely pursues pathos. Seeing this man lay there helplessly; really does touches the viewers emotions. Especially, the reason behind his disability! He had his legs blown off while running the marathon. He was one of the many who have been physically affected by the Boston marathon attack. This photo is aiming to touch the readers emotion, because the author wants the readers to deeply understand the difficulty, hurt, and life of a person who has had something traumatizing happen to them.

Appeal to emotion I believe is a great way to easily get the readers attention. The author of these blogs/images did a great job of that. Looking through the photo slides of Jeff Buaman, Every single one appeals to pathos. In every image Jeff has posted, there’s appeal to pathos.


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