The term boomerang children means, a young adult who returns to live at his or her family home especially for financial reasons. In my culture, we don’t follow the ideal American culture as to how children are handled. We don’t let our kids just escape at eighteen. Some families in my culture want their son’s to stay with them forever. Unfortunately, the daughters do get married and become a part of someone else’s home. But if the daughter doesn’t get married she along with the brother will stay with the family. We believe our children are very important to us, and it’s hard to let them go. They still have the ability to grow and explore themselves, but many families in my culture prefer to have their kids stay with them.

I believe most people of American culture expect their kids to eventually move out, and support themselves. This isn’t always bad, but it adds a lot of pressure to peoples lives, as they do have to live up to those expectations. In my culture boomerang children are a exception and normal, however In American culture it become somewhat of a norm.


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