I plan on writing about women, and how their rights have been neglected all over the world. I’m not exactly sure right now, but I plan on researching women of other cultures along with women in America.

  • research history of women rights/ present day
  • research women rights in African countries, middle eastern countries, and Asian countries.
  • My ultimate goal is to show how women rights have and are being neglected till this day, whether it is a developed or undeveloped country

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Rights of women has been controversial all over the world. Developed or undeveloped, women are viewed as “less than” men. This is a issue that needs to come to light, because it is relevant in all of our lives. We all have sisters, mothers, aunts, cousins who we want to see happy. But unfortunately, some governments are structured to make women unequal to men. Why are men seen as “better” than women. Or even “more fit” for the job. Women are just as capable as men will ever be, if not better. In this essay, I hope you’ll learn new things about women and women’s rights all over the world. America is seen as the most developed, and best country to live in. We are seen as a country with “freedom and equality” however, that isn’t true at all.

Till this day, equality between men and women is still a huge issue. Women don’t make nearly as much as men do, women also aren’t accepted into some job positions such as higher ranked managers, or even CEO’s. in the eyes of society women are seen as “best fit” mothers or wives; not managers. I believe women have the skill set to do just anything. Not only are they leaders in the house, but they’re also able to manage families, time, and are affectionate. these are skills that are required in many jobs and some of the skills listed men are not capable of.





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