“A “Dream” Deferred: An Exploration of The Scarlet Title “Undocumented” By, Amber Floyd

The title “A Dream Deferred” indicates another sad story. Knowing someone has had their dream denied upsets me. In Amber Floyd’s essay “A Dream Deferred”, she talks about how her boyfriend, and their families struggle as being undocumented. People who are undocumented generally have less rights than an American citizen or someone with papers. Amber Floyd essay “A Dream Defferd”, she  goes on about how her boyfriends sister was such a intelligent girl; yet there was a huge barrier that was holding her back from her dream’s; which is paying for college, “Brigitte was the valedictorian of her high school class but was unsure as to how she would be able to pay for college due to her lack of citizenship”(Floyd, 2015, p. 182). This quote is a great example of what people with no citizens face. Even if you’ve lived an America for a long amount of time, and followed all the laws like every other American, the govt. still made it difficult for immigrants (especially those of colors) to obtain papers.


Floyd, A. (2015). A “dream” deferred: An exploration of the scarlet title”undocumented.”

In D. Holler (Ed.), Writing for a real world: A multidisciplinary anthology

by USF students (pp. 180-191). San Francisco, CA: University of San Francisco


She  goes on about how her boyfriends sister was such a intelligent girl; yet there was a huge barrier that was holding her back from her dream’s; which is paying for college (pg. 182)




10-9-17 In Class Writing

  1. Solange posed for the picture, the feather on her antique hat framing her face she found the waist collar of the dress a little confining.
  2. Before Benjamin applied for job at the Datacrop, he researched the company at the library. Benjamin wanted to be well prepared for the interview
  3. while waiting for the tour bus, the family shivered on the windy corner.They had expected warmer weather on their summer vacation.
  4. Leland’s motorcycle is his prized possession, but he had to sell it to pay for his college tuition.
  5. Because Oliva had never been surfing, she took lessons which made her feel ready to tackle the waves.
  6. Paolo has thinning hair, glasses and stooped shoulders. Everyone thinks he is a librarian, but he is a meteorologist at an Antarctic research station.
  7. Toni gives her son a generous allowance, and does not expect any help around the house from him. Toni’s brother expects his children to do chores if they want spending money.
  8. Dark clouds gather overhead, while trees toss in the wind and rain does not fall.
  9. Tai wanted to prove her trustworthiness to her parents; she made it her responsibility to take her younger brother and sister to school.
  10. Using a sharp jerk of his wrist, Simon flipped the pancake in the skillet; his uncle taught him this trick when Sion was a child.


Saima, Alex, John

  1. reality Tv shows are some of the best shows because, they’re filled with drama and it’s entertaining to watch.
  2. good statement
  3.  There have been too many budget cuts at this university, due to the increase standards of living, demand for sports equipment, and other activities.
  4. if you have times on your hands, do community volunteer work to get more involved within the comunity.
  5. good thesis.

9/18/17 In Class Wrtiting

Meaning of Name 

My name is Saima Khushal Khan. My dad is the one who choose my first name, and my last name is inherited. My first name means fasting women, which signifies patience. I like my name because it’s different and unique. I’ve never been embarrassed about my name, but its really funny when teachers are calling role and pronounce my name extremely wrong!

I’ve never thought about changing my name. I have nicknames but i have never decided or wanted to change it.




Saima Khan

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “terrorist”? I’m sure when you hear or see this specific word you’d get a vivid image of a darker skinned man with thick dark hair from the Middle East or from Arab decent. The word terrorist means “a person who uses unlawful violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims”. Anyone can be a terrorist! But it is my people are entitled to this word! Being seen as cold hearted, savage like and any terrible thing possible is extremely hurtful. Little do these people know, that these monsters they are grouping us with have destroyed and wrecked many families and killed people who I truly cared about. Being called a terrorist just based off of what teh media feeds us and stereotypical accusations is completely unacceptable! Anyone can be a terrorist, not just the bearded Muslim man.

Free Writing

I speak two languages fluently and 2 languages “brokenly”. Pashto and english are two very different languages! It’s as if you were to compare a chicken to a cow. The context of Pashto is very different from English. Whether that be tone, how things are said, meanings, but most importantly sentence structure. I am a Pashtun women originally from Afghanistan but my family immigrated to Pakistan due to the war that had taken place in Afghanistan. My language is my strongest bond with my culture/ identity. After my family fled Afghanistan, they left behind all their belongings, most of their loved ones, but most importantly their identity. We may still hold our cultural values but I along with my mother and father don’t have that connection to Afghanistan that my grandfather and grandmother has. I cherish my language so much because its almost all I have left of my identity of being an Afghan.



Discusssion 2

Raghav, Saima, Leo, Jinxin


To start with the advertisement of the chocolate,  we see there are many flaws in the picture which clearly shows that it is doctored. The main agenda is to persuade the people to consume Snickers, it attracts women.

It also targets the women in particular showing that eating Snickers is healthy and it gets a woman in a good figure.


The flaws in the picture.

The 11 flaws that we see.


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