I plan on writing about women, and how their rights have been neglected all over the world. I’m not exactly sure right now, but I plan on researching women of other cultures along with women in America.

  • research history of women rights/ present day
  • research women rights in African countries, middle eastern countries, and Asian countries.
  • My ultimate goal is to show how women rights have and are being neglected till this day, whether it is a developed or undeveloped country

Free Writing 

Rights of women has been controversial all over the world. Developed or undeveloped, women are viewed as “less than” men. This is a issue that needs to come to light, because it is relevant in all of our lives. We all have sisters, mothers, aunts, cousins who we want to see happy. But unfortunately, some governments are structured to make women unequal to men. Why are men seen as “better” than women. Or even “more fit” for the job. Women are just as capable as men will ever be, if not better. In this essay, I hope you’ll learn new things about women and women’s rights all over the world. America is seen as the most developed, and best country to live in. We are seen as a country with “freedom and equality” however, that isn’t true at all.

Till this day, equality between men and women is still a huge issue. Women don’t make nearly as much as men do, women also aren’t accepted into some job positions such as higher ranked managers, or even CEO’s. in the eyes of society women are seen as “best fit” mothers or wives; not managers. I believe women have the skill set to do just anything. Not only are they leaders in the house, but they’re also able to manage families, time, and are affectionate. these are skills that are required in many jobs and some of the skills listed men are not capable of.






The term boomerang children means, a young adult who returns to live at his or her family home especially for financial reasons. In my culture, we don’t follow the ideal American culture as to how children are handled. We don’t let our kids just escape at eighteen. Some families in my culture want their son’s to stay with them forever. Unfortunately, the daughters do get married and become a part of someone else’s home. But if the daughter doesn’t get married she along with the brother will stay with the family. We believe our children are very important to us, and it’s hard to let them go. They still have the ability to grow and explore themselves, but many families in my culture prefer to have their kids stay with them.

I believe most people of American culture expect their kids to eventually move out, and support themselves. This isn’t always bad, but it adds a lot of pressure to peoples lives, as they do have to live up to those expectations. In my culture boomerang children are a exception and normal, however In American culture it become somewhat of a norm.




This image shows a man laying in bed resting at a rehabilitation center. Less than a month after the Boston marathon incident where Jeff had his lower legs blown off, He was admitted for therapy at a rehabilitation center.  This image definitely pursues pathos. Seeing this man lay there helplessly; really does touches the viewers emotions. Especially, the reason behind his disability! He had his legs blown off while running the marathon. He was one of the many who have been physically affected by the Boston marathon attack. This photo is aiming to touch the readers emotion, because the author wants the readers to deeply understand the difficulty, hurt, and life of a person who has had something traumatizing happen to them.

Appeal to emotion I believe is a great way to easily get the readers attention. The author of these blogs/images did a great job of that. Looking through the photo slides of Jeff Buaman, Every single one appeals to pathos. In every image Jeff has posted, there’s appeal to pathos.



Saima Ishaan

  1. vaccinations keep viruses from spreading, which is why students shouldn’t have to pay for them out of their own pockets
  2. health care should be accessible to everyone no matter their status in a country, because lives are more important than where they come from.
  3.  the spotted owls in our area need protection because they are going extinct due to hunting and predators.
  4. cigarette taxes should be raised to lower to decrease consumption.
  5. standardized testing is a bad idea because it isn’t the best source of measuring someones knowledge.


The Bollywood movie “Dangal” really portrays women/girls to be  just as strong as men/boys. The movie is about a father who dreamt of having a sun, but he had 2 daughters instead. The father had a dream of being the national champion wrestler, unfortunately he wasn’t able to which is why he wanted a son to carry on his dream. His daughter Jeeta, went on to the nationals as the first girl/women to ever win! This was amazing to the people of India. This broke some gender roles, and created a platform for girls and women of India. Women are just as capable of men is the moral of the story and movie.



activity 1)

I tried to get to know him better, but he would complain that I invaded his privacy. It was not enough that i was friendly.

activity 2)

Anne Marie collects antique bottles a loves to turn them into works of art. She will buy bottles if she likes them, but she prefers to find them on the ground.

She finds bottles everywhere.



You need to prove to me that you have a leg to stand on. I smelled a rat all along! I know i can get in your hair sometimes, but I’m so sorry John. Now c’mon John! I know you saw everything. Spill the Beans! I’ve literally bended over backwards so many times for her, yet she still backstabbed me!



Cellphones have a huge impact on out every day lives. I decided to find an article on our habits with cell phones. In Hunter Hargraves article (2017) “To Trust in Strange Habits and Last Calls” goes on about how our involvement with cellphones has impacted the our everyday lives in the way that, everything we see, do, or believe in is impacted by what’s filtered in our cellphones. For example, Hunter states in his article, ” Ubiquitous smartphone use proffers a managerial relationship between subject and device, such that smartphone culture becomes necessary for navigating between different spheres of life” (Hargraves Pg. 1). This quote clearly indicates the significance of our cellphones and the impact it has on our everyday lives. Hargraves goes on to tell a story about a women and her husbands sex scandal, and the issue with cellphones in the conflict.


Hargraves, H. Television and New Media, (February 1st 2017)

To Trust in Strange Habits and Last Calls: The Good Wife’s Smartphone Storytelling




10.27.17 video essay planning

ishaan and saima 


intro: introduce school of management: all majors , facilities, professors . (interview dean)

then introduce the two majors, entrepreneurship and management

Point 1: Entrepenurship

  • location advantage
  • usf high ranking
  • faculty
  • internships
  • real life skills

Point two: Management

  • good skill
  • internship
  • location
  • wide selection of careers


  • advantages (stats)
  • important major






Some people consider cultural jokes as a “friendly joke”, and I myself am guilty of this. A lot of people associate Indian people with smelling “bad”. People believe that every Indian person smells like curry. Assuming every Indian individual is unlikely, and I know this from personal experience. I have a friend who’s is Indian however, she and her family grew up in America, and don’t even know how to cook Indian food! Similarly, most people believe that all Asian people look “Chinese”. This assumption turn into terrible jokes such as, all Asian people are bad drivers. Asia is a content with multiple country’s, and not all country’s on the content look “Chinese”.