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Hello Class I’m Vanessa Gomez I’m a Marketing Major and my presentation today is going to be on Bicycles in art. Because my time is so limited I wanted to focus in specifically sculptures involving bicycles. I wanna start off with Pablo Picassos famous Bull Head. Picasso is a known innovator who always. Here Picasso uses old pieces of a bicycle to create a bulls head. Picasso always wanted to find beauty and art in everything . He wanted to show people how thing he found discarded s tried to not only push himself but also people’s ways of thinking could be art. I wanna transition now into modern uses of bicycles. Artist are using bicycles as a way to change the way people view conventional sculptures. most artist now move away from the fact that using a bike is unconventional on its own but try and touch on the meaning behind what they use. Essentially without the chains the bike wouldn’t function. Now here the artist names his pieces things like, Mediation, Anguish, and Nirvana, all things which could be considered pivotal to human life. The artist Young-Deok Seo is amazing what he is able to create by welding chains together is absolutely incredible and out of every sculpture I saw his truly captivated me. Jason de Caires is a huge advocate for environmental issues and uses his art to not only bring attention to the issues of marine life conservation but also includes his art as part of the solution. Jason’s sculptures are located to enhance the reef, making natural use of its varied topography of marine life. This piece is part of the Grenada underwater sculpture park which is the world’s first underwater sculpture gallery. The use o the bike here can be used as a double meaning promotion the idea of environmental consciousness¬†of riding bikes while also using it in his piece for marine life conservation. Mark Grieve and Llana Spector reclaimed bikes from recycling centers to form this 30 foot high archway for burning man held in the Nevada desert. Bike shop owner Christian Peterson came up with the clever concept to mount the shop’s entire inventory of 120 bicycles on the exterior wall of the store. Not only does it bring them free advertising but it also doubles as a cool sculpture.

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  1. I really liked your speech, and the topic you chose as I am a fan of art as well. And my experience with art allows me to say that you were a credible speaker on this topic. I loved the pictures you chose of the artwork (and that one artist who sculpted using bike chains… I’ve actually seen one of his pieces in person) and your commentary. I also appreciated how you engaged the audience and asked questions.

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