Free Writing on Essay One

I want to explore my idea of identity through my family. I want to talk and write about how my identity was effected because the majority of my family are immigrates. Through the lens of my childhood eyes and then further on how i see it now. My family from the very beginning was very open to me about our situation and i always knew that my parents and brother faced a certain danger in this country and I even got to see this play out first hand when my father was deported 16 years ago but i know that not everyone’s family was so open because hearing the stories of others as i moved out to San Francisco i see that many people lived with the secret their whole lives. I heard a story of a person who’s younger cousins is not even aware shes an immigrant. I think especially today i am effected because of my brother’s situation and because of his line of work, my brother is an immigrant but he is also an aspiring lawyer and works for a low cost immigration law firm in the city and also has been a person who has been very outspoken about current issues. I’ve attended speeches he’s done on the steps of city hall I’ve read all the articles he’s been featured in, and witnessed some of the many news interviews he’s done as well as been a part of a short documentary which featured my brother and two other young immigrants in a similar situation as his. My brother has always been such an inspiration to me and through his work i have been able to see how your words could make a change.

Outline Essay One

  • My idea of identity through my family
  • How literacy can make a change
  • The examples in my life that I’ve seen it make a change
  • How I’ve implemented these things in my life/ how I plan to implement them more in my life in the future

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