1. Let the cat out of the bag: I want to give my best friend a surprised gift, but my classmate let the cat out of the bag, so my friend wasn’t so excited.
  2. Straight from the house’s mouth: The murder case’s witness told the police:” I heard him saying that the suspect wanted to kill the dead, straight from the house’s mouth!”
  3. Get in someone’s hair:There are so many ants in my house! I don’t know how to clean them up,they have got in my hair!
  4. Pull someone’s leg: The children didn’t finish his homework, and he told his father that he had done, however, his father did let his child pull his leg.
  5. Lose one’s shirt: My wallet was stole! I lose my shirt.



  1. No, it is common knowledge.
  2. Yes, you need to cite every source.
  3. No, because it is one’s own work.
  4. Yes,it is submitted without verifying the resource.
  5. Yes, as she got the information from the internet.


  1. Yes, year of publication and page number need to be written to.
  2. Yes, cause it is not common knowledge.
  3. Yes, cause it was copied and not used in my own words.
  4. No, as it is a personal experience.
  5. Yes, as it is taken from the book.





My story is telling about a thing happened in JINAN station, which gave me an impressive experience. A girl who I liked would go to Gan su province to teach children, and I just want to give her a gift at that time. So I bought a ticket to JINAN from Weihai in order to see her. However, she refused to see me in the station, she told me”It is not convenient to see you, sorry.” So I only saw her on the train, but did not meet her closely. Suddenly I realized: Life just like a train, the pretty girls just like the scenery on the both side of the train, the most beautiful moment is that you can see the beautiful scenery through the window instead of go in to it. Just keep that distance, which is better than own her. After all, it is impossible for a person to own all beautiful scenery in the world. If she appears in your life, in front of your sight, even a second, that is also the destiny. Just regards her as a wonderful landscape which appears on your life train’s window, you will feel much better.