October 30

The opinion of Joanne is different from mine, She dose agree with the Desiree Bergstrom’s statement.  She wrote:”First of all, I know that the issue of student debt is affecting many college students, but if we think in a positive side that a college is actually a wonderful place for us to explore new ideas, meet people from different countries, learn different cultures and earn different job opportunities and experiment internships, we may feel better. For example, in a business working place, knowing more than one type of languages will benefit you when having business with customers from other countries. ” On the contrary, in my opinion, I surely disagree with author’s view.In my opinion, the purpose of studying various courses in the university is not to adapt to the future work, and I also think that what is needed in the work is the single professional ability rather than the general ability.One of mine opinion:”the article is logically untenable, because college students do not necessarily go to work after graduation. Some of them will start their own businesses or become self-employed.If for this part of the students, her view is totally wrong.”


October 23

1.In fact, it would give viewers a feeling that they did not treat the video making seriously. Viewers would thought that, “They just simply put words into the videos, without images, even sounds. This kind of video is worthless because no one will watch it.”

2. The video needs to be added not only script, but also other elements into the video that I make in the future so as to make it more attractive to the audience.

3.The video which has many elements will attract audiences even though my video is not that good. This is because I have paid efforts at least.

October 18

I come from Shandong province of China, and that is the province which has the highest score requirement for high school students to get into college. Before the college entrance examination, the students have to struggle with grades in order to get into the college they want. In a vivid metaphor, the college entrance examination just like a battlefield, and the college’s minimum passing score just like a single-plank bridge,millions of students will charge towards the bridge. I still remember our high school’s teacher said that:”One more score you earn,thousands of student you’ve killed.” Students just like study machines which work for their parents,for a considerable job or keep their parents’ face. However, if you ask them why do they study, a few people can answer clearly. The more interesting thing is that, when many students get into college, they are relaxed all the time, they regard the college is the end of their study process, lazing away everyday. After all,any student can get the diploma after four years, however the students’ behavior is, even a student sleeps through whole four years, he also can get a diploma.

October 2

In summary, the “Dream Deferred” mainly argues that whether the “Dream” policy should be passed.  The disadvantages of “Dreamer” policy is that if too many students who are undocumented go into collage, it is unfair for students who are the American citizens. Secondly, the “Dreamer” will face too many problems while they are studying, they have to get used to the culture of American instead of their own cultures. Also, it will impose the pressure of the educational budgets. Until now, the “Dreamer” still can’t be given any benefits by government such like financial help and other assistants. Under the situation of American passive attitude toward immigration, the” Dreamer” will face so many barriers during their school time. The reference is”If the Dream Act is to be passed, then college institutions will be forced to reconcile ‘how to address the standard issues in educating low-income populations; and how to maneuver a plethora of state regulations governing tuition and fees, along with any new duties imposed under the proposed federal law’. If the act is passed, institutions would then be forced to adjust in a way that benefits the students and provides them with the best way to learn regardless of their socio-economic background. “(Beamon, 2012,P185)