October 2

In summary, the “Dream Deferred” mainly argues that whether the “Dream” policy should be passed.  The disadvantages of “Dreamer” policy is that if too many students who are undocumented go into collage, it is unfair for students who are the American citizens. Secondly, the “Dreamer” will face too many problems while they are studying, they have to get used to the culture of American instead of their own cultures. Also, it will impose the pressure of the educational budgets. Until now, the “Dreamer” still can’t be given any benefits by government such like financial help and other assistants. Under the situation of American passive attitude toward immigration, the” Dreamer” will face so many barriers during their school time. The reference is”If the Dream Act is to be passed, then college institutions will be forced to reconcile ‘how to address the standard issues in educating low-income populations; and how to maneuver a plethora of state regulations governing tuition and fees, along with any new duties imposed under the proposed federal law’. If the act is passed, institutions would then be forced to adjust in a way that benefits the students and provides them with the best way to learn regardless of their socio-economic background. “(Beamon, 2012,P185)

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